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Help! We've got a company that's already doing incredibly well, but we have no visual brand. We need you to design it for us.

Pascal Metrics is a company that uses technology to assess the social atmosphere at healthcare facilities and identifies areas needing improvement. Issues such as medical assistants who are afraid to correct a doctor, or nurses who don't feel empowered to bring issues to senior management are uncovered and recommendations are made to remedy the situations.

Pascal Metrics aims to innovate as a disruptive force in healthcare, to create a valuable sustainable business, and to achieve broad global social value. To these ends, the company brings together world class research, clinical, and technology expertise to deliver patient safety and related risk management solutions to clients in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The heart of what we do is measuring patient safety by bringing metrics and analytics into healthcare. Pascal Metrics serves some of the largest and most prestigious healthcare systems in the world, anchored with a subscription offering based on its leading proprietary intellectual property already being broadly adopted in the patient safety field. The culture of the company reflects its roots in research, academia, and clinical medicine, favoring data-driven approaches that are rooted in science and prizing intellectual inquiry which ideally results in practical application.

Logo personality

We're looking for a logo that is inspires trust, authority, and yet enough of an edge that suggests innovation without compromising professionalism

We are innovative, bringing fresh ideas into the field, and are becoming a destination for the best and brightest from research, clinical, and business areas.

Optional tag line: The Social Apgar Group (not final - Apgar is the test given to newborns to see how well they are doing.)

Logo attributes

The logo needs to be simple, clean and unique. It must be able to stand alone, reflect our logo personality and have a recognizable edge that makes it distinctive. The name must be clearly readable. The colors should be fresh and yet not too edgy, as this market responds well to professional, trustworthy branding.

We need three formats of the logo that will fit the following sizes (pixels):

- 200x70

- 32x32

- 16x16

Q: Does your target audience keel towards a certain age or social/financial demographic, or language-base for that matter?

A: Our main audience is 30-60 years old male/female, highly intelligent, that tend to be highly interpersonally oriented (it's healthcare!). It's a range from board members, CEOs and other CXO-level executives, physicians, and nurses. We have clients in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Q: Why will customers choose you over everyone else?

A: Our solution:

- We uniquely bring together research, clinical, and technology expertise; it's rooted in science, is practically feasible, and has the technical infrastructure to be used across the largest healthcare systems in the world.

- We offer services rooted first and foremost in science.

- We deliver consulting using the best patient safety experts in the field.

- We have the best technology.

- We have the largest benchmarking databases in the market.

- We are a global company.

- Our people are a delight to work with.

- Our support services leave clients highly satisfied.

Q: Will the logo need to be built especially for success beyond the computer screen (i.e. packaging, ads, offline promotional materials, etc.)?

A: Yes. Anticpate a lot of printed materials, so we'll need to know the Pantone values and treatments.

Q: Does it have a consistent viewing scale/size or will it need to be built to 'read' well at a variety of different scales?

A: We need both large and small readability.

Q: Dose the name in the logo have to be lowercase?

A: No, you can use any combination that you think is appropriate.



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