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Turnbull Bowles is a boutique law firm based in Sydney, Australia with a 30 year history of legal practice in building disputes, residential defects, commercial litigation and strata law.

We act for Owners Corporations (a corporation that owns the common property in a residential apartment building), individual property owners, builders and developers dealing in front-end contract issues, such as negotiation and drafting of contracts for construction projects, and back-end disputes, such as litigation in the Courts and Tribunals.

We regularly appear in high profile, multi-million dollar disputes and we have been involved in a number of precedent setting court cases.

Words that resonate with the firms approach are focused, expert, efficient, professional, trust, success, confidence and reliable.


A new and fresh logo, business card and stationary design.

We would like something different for our logo. The logo should be engaging and we would prefer it doesnt look like a run of the mill law firm logo.

It needs to be able to be photocopied on documents or sent by fax and still be clear and legible. The logo will only be shown on a white background so please don't show reversed logos (white on black).

We are very open to seeing different kinds of design, like web 2.0 style designs.

We would like a range of entries and we are not really keen on just having the t b and l in the logo, something more would be great. The letters would be good in a very stylised way, but we really want entries that focus on more than just typography.

The logo must copy well in black and white so darker colours will probably work better, but we are open to your ideas.

The logo will be shown on website, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, emails, brochures, signage and word documents. It will be printed most of the time in black and white, but on folder labels, signage and the like, it will be in colour.

The logo is the most critical part of this project.

The business cards will need to have a lot of whitespace area (will be printed on white or crme heavy cardstock), feature the logo, the name of each attorney, phone and fax address, e-mail, and website address.

For example text use:

Michael Bacina


Suite 52, Level 8,

301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Phone: (02) 9211 7166

Facsimile: (02) 9211 7466

E-mail: michael@turnbullbowles.com.au


(note we are open to using a symbol or p and f instead of phone and fax on the business cards)

The stationary needs to have very efficient use of an A4 sized sheet of paper, that is the details of the firm shouldn take up too much vertical space on the page. What we want is to be able to maximise the content we can put in each letter. We dont want it to look squashed, but currently our name and address details dominates our letters so we would like to balance it a bit more.

We are open to the varied use of colour, but don't want a logo that is too busy. It needs to be professional and speak to the strengths of the firm.


Owners Corporations of residential buildings, construction firms, builders of residential and commercial property, developers of residential and commercial property, information technology companies and small to medium businesses as well as strata Agents who manage residential properties and individuals who have building works performed.


Note - we are very open to designs that depart from these - these are just to give you an idea of some that caught our eye as nice:



We like the style of the following law firm logos (however they are competitors of ours, so we do not want logos that are too close to these):




The logo must be able to:

- be printed in colour or black and white (for faxes);

- be set up as a Word template for faxes and letters; and

- be able to be printed in black and white and colour.

It is essential that the logo is clear when photocopied/scanned/faxed doesnt turn into a big mess of black when it is photocopied.

We must not have a traditional old school law firm logo, or have ANY scales of justice or things like that that scream American Law Firm (have a look at a lot of US law firm websites and you will see what we mean).

The business cards may be able to be printed in colour, and should not contain images, they need to be very professional and minimalist (other than the logo). We will likely have the cards printed on heavy white or crme card stock. Font selection will be key.

The stationary design should focus on efficient use of an A4 sheet (Note we do not use legal or letter size paper, we use A4 size paper in Australia). By efficient, we mean that the logo and our name and address should be sized and placed to allow the maximum content in the page.

The letterhead needs to include the firms name, address, telephone, facsimile, e-mail and web address and a footer which states Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

The letterhead should allow us the maximum space possible to write in the letter, without looking too crammed in there. We dont need any design down the edge of the paper, but something at the base of the page in the footer is ok.

If you have any queries, please contact michael@turnbullbowles.com.au.



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