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OCodger LLC is a holding company which will have several divisions, in finance, eCommerce, web portal, and others.

www.ocodger.com is a web site being developed which will be a portal to web sites which will be valuable to people over 50 years old, or people who are assisting people over 50, like children who are looking for a retirement home, and the many other needs of older people.

O'Codger Capital will be a lending company, financing mortgages, businesses, and consumers for a variety of needs.

I am looking for one logo concept will can be utilized for all these entities, and others with will be developed. Using the trademark O'Codger, I am looking for concepts which can be utilized by all divisions and be generic enough to apply to all activities.

People over 50 and people purchasing products and services for people over 50 years old.

Concentrating on the ocodger.com site, this will site will appeal to a national audience and be a very broad ranging site which will review other sites on the web and assist people to be redirected to quality web sites to solve thier needs or questions in various catagories. For example in Health and Nutrition, we will review and present sites which will be comprehensive information in these areas.

It will include an eCommerce aspect, presentuing products and services of interest to this audience.

I am open to concepts, color will remain open to all presentations.

I am looking for a fresh, modern look, which will appeal to all people. I do not want an old-fashioned looking logo or victorian typestyles.

One concept which I feel would be of interest, is to develop a characture of an older gentleman, probably just the head. This characture should be 3 demsional life-like, not a cartoon. It should come across as a kindly, wise, trustworthy, fun-loving (with a sparkle in his eyes), a grandfather type, possibly Irish looking (possibly a leprichan-like characture).

I like the characture concept,. but want to encourage artists to use their own imagination, as I am not locked into this image/

The logo should not be too flowery, or ornate. It should be easily identified on a business card and in larger and smaller formats.

I am also looking to utilize this logo as a "seal of approval" which would be placed on other web sites, which we identify as valuable resources for our readers. These are generally smaller, so it is important to have a logo which will be easily identifiable in a smaller format.



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