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NewForce Logistics, Inc., provides a faster, more flexible, and more efficient distribution service for companies who wish to save money and deliver better service to their e-commerce and mail-order customers. Using cutting-edge robotic mobile fulfillment technology from Kiva Systems, we operate high-performance distribution warehouses that pick, pack, and ship orders on behalf of retailers, manufacturers and wholesale importers who sell through direct-to-consumer channels.

Order fulfillment how it works today

Think about the last time you purchased something online a book, a bottle of perfume, or maybe a t-shirt. When you place an order online it is sent by the retailer to a warehouse or distribution center for fulfillment. The way a distribution center works today, a worker is given a list of items and has to walk around picking items from shelves and placing them in totes in a large cart. The process is not that different from the last time you shopped at a Home Depot or Lowes store. When the worker has filled the totes, they bring those items to a shipping dock for packing into a box and shipment to you. This is a manual, slow and inefficient way of filling orders. It costs you the end customer more than it should.

We have a better approach

NewForce is a start-up with a revolutionary new approach to running distribution centers that uses cutting-edge mobile robotic fulfillment technology from our strategic partner, Kiva Systems. Instead of storing products in fixed locations on shelves, in a NewForce distribution center all inventory becomes mobile workers stand still while the products come to them. Pallets, cases, and orders are stored on inventory pods that are picked up and moved by a fleet of mobile robotic drive units. As a result, any product can go to any worker at any time. Advanced software knows the location of every item, and when an order comes in, the system brings the product to the worker who simply packs it into a box ready for shipment.

Take a look at this live-in-action

What weve described so far may not be easy to imagine, so wed encourage you to take a look at a web presentation of how NewForce works, including a video clip of Kivas technology in action. Paste this link into your browser to view: http://app.sliderocket.com/app/FullPlaye.... You can also visit http://www.kivasystems.com/mobile-fulfil... to learn even more.

NewForce Kiva as a 3rd-party logistics service (3PL)

Kiva technology is already being used by big companies like Staples, Zappos, Walgreens and Diapers.com to simultaneously improve efficiency, speed, order accuracy, and flexibility. NewForce is going to bring those same advantages: (i) to small to mid-size companies who cannot afford the large capital expense of investing directly in Kiva for in-house warehouses; and (ii) to those companies who prefer to outsource to a distribution partner so they can focus on their core competences. Essentially, NewForce is offering the value of Kiva as a service instead of a big up-front capital investment.

NewForce is backed by the same investors in Kiva Systems, and has a long-term strategic partnership in place with Kiva for access to the technology and expertise. So now companies will have a choice of buying Kiva themselves or outsourcing to a Kiva-enabled distribution service NewForce Logistics.


We need designs for the following items:

1. Corporate logo: (i) NewForce; and (ii) NewForce Logistics (the word logistics should be subordinate to NewForce in the logo)

2. Business cards

3. Stationary (letterhead, envelopes, notepads)

4. Slide presentation template (title page and body slide).

The logos will be used on a new company website (not yet designed), sales videos, emails, sales brochures/datasheets, whitepapers, and on corporate promotional items and give-aways (pens, mouse-pads, t-shirts, etc.).

The presentation template needs to be able to be implemented in Microsoft PowerPoint and on SlideRocket.com. We will use the templates to create individual presentations for sales, marketing and general corporate purposes so all our slides have a consistent look and feel.


Our target customers are primarily small to mid-size companies ($5M to $500M in sales) who sell consumer products over the internet (e-commerce) and through catalogs and mail-order. They are retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the following verticals:

Apparel and footwear

Consumer/beauty products

Electronics and computer peripherals

Books, music, software and video

Office products

Cards, toys, games and novelty items.

These days, just about any brand you know sells over the internet, and many of them outsource distribution and order fulfillment. Our customers will be owners or senior executives at these companies who carefully choose which distribution partner they work with to fill their orders. They care about saving money (lowering their order fulfillment costs) and getting the best possible service for their customers (faster order fulfillment, on-time delivery, and every order accurately filled with the correct product).


Wed like the brand to emphasize the value we bring, namely real-time always on 24/7/365 high-performance order fulfillment efficiency, speed, accuracy, flexibility. We bring a revolutionary new level of efficiency and service to a slow-moving industry through the power of cutting-edge technology and process. We are innovators.

We like simple and bold brands that have challenged an existing industry with a new approach. Examples include Salesforce.com, Google, Apple, hulu.com, ShipWire.com, SlideRocket.com.


Although NewForce is a spin-off idea from Kiva, wed like a design with a look and feel (color, style, logo) that is distinct from Kiva (i.e. we need to be able to obtain a trademark for the logo so it cannot be the same or too similar). However, there is no issue with using ideas or themes or inspiration that comes from Kivas technology.

Wed like the word NewForce to be the dominant word in the logo, and to have the option of a stand-alone NewForce logo. We think this is a more enduring and universal brand and when people come to know us well, we may drop the word logistics from the brand.



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