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We are By The Block, a Chicago-based nonprofit that is opening the first of many community centers in underserved Chicago neighborhoods. Our vision for these centers is that they will be a resource hub where residents can come for recreation, wellness, and education. This initial community center will house a tech lab, kitchen, co-working spaces, a book cafe, and a garden.


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By The Block

Top 3 Things

Conviviality: Friendly, Lively, Warm
Compassion: Respect, Empathy, Understanding
Community: Welcoming, Solidarity, Belonging


Things we like: Please see the attached images for styles of logos that we are interested in. While we are drawn to this style, we are absolutely open to other ideas. Please feel free to try anything that comes to mind! In terms of color, we did specify colors that we like but we also want you guys to try any colors that come to mind.

Things we don't like: Please take a look at crowdspring's overused, overdone logo design concepts here: https://www.crowdspring.com/help/rules-c...

We have to ask that no one use any of the concepts featured in this guide. We do not want a generic design and ask that creatives be unique as possible. Think outside of the box, as we will welcome the creativity :)



Number of Sides



Standard U.S. Canada (3.5" x 2")

Corner Style



Front of the card: The design you create!

Back of the card: this will feature our personal information of course, as well as any creative touches you want to add! There are three of us but we want the cards to look identical apart from the personal information. We'll provide the winner with the exact text but in the meantime, please feel free to use placeholder text for the Name, Title, Phone Number, Email, and Social Media Handles on the back of the card.


Please refer to what we previously wrote for the logo vision



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