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8 years ago I started as an independant insurance broker and opened a local bank office from a major Belgian banking company.

The company is called Delfinka bvba (which is composed of Del(croiix)Fin(ancieel)Ka(ntoor), which could be translated in English as Delcroix (my last name) Financial Office.

Untill now, the logo is pretty common and just designed by a family member (see attachement) within CorelDraw, but I think it's time to get a redesign.

What I'm looking for: as an independant financial solution provider I want the new logo to be slick, professional and not to crowdy.

People should be able to identify the logo with the business I'm within: insurance broker and banking agent. Service is a holy word to me as is the independancy to find the best solution for my clients.

Our clients are local people, mostly private people, some small companies.

The logo/stationary shouldn't be with to much colors. Just one or 2 colors should do. I think the current logo is too crowdy and colorfull.

If you need any more information please feel free to email me at jef@delfinka.be




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