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About Us

Starting the branding process for a new investment firm called Duane Street Capital. I need a logo & design for business cards, letterhead & envelopes. The logo will be used on the website and in any printed materials (letters, etc.), it may even be used on a few shirts or bags. Duane Street Capital is a private investment firm I am forming to professionalize my entrepreneurial private investing. I find good quality companies (mainly through research and networking) that I acquire, improve, and hold or sell (depending upon the situation). This is typically called Private Equity Investing. Duane Street Capitals name comes from the location of the company Duane Street in New York City.

Target Audience:

The marketing of my business will touch multiple parties:

Business Owners These are the most important constituents for my communication. Business owners who I have approached or who are thinking of selling their businesses should view the identity pack and feel excited at the potential of being acquired by Duane Street. I want them to feel that I have experience, a professional network, capital, and most importantly energy to bring to their business. Generally these individuals are older business owners (50-75 years old) who are looking to retire or who have not made the appropriate succession planning decisions in their companies. They live and breathe their businesses.

Financial Intermediaries and Business Brokers These constituents are a very important source of investment opportunities. They are constantly researching businesses and talking to owners who will engage them to sell their businesses. They will provide introductions to business owners who are looking to sell. I want them to firmly believe in my credibility as a buyer (i.e. I have experience and capital). I want them to feel that I am professional and fair and that I will act with integrity. They should see the site and immediately want to send businesses my way.

Financing Sources These constituents are sources of business loans and other types of acquisition financing. Typically, when a business is acquired, the buyer (me) will get a loan from a bank or other lending institution to help pay for the acquisition (much like borrowing money from a bank to buy a house). These individuals need to feel that I have experience, capital, and credibility. Professionalism and Integrity are keys to success with Financing Sources.

Investors Lastly, while the majority of the capital is my own, I have taken investments from a few individuals that I feel add a significant value to my business. They have run major companies or worked in strategic jobs and are a source of both capital and knowledge. I want the identity pack to embody my mission and my character (i.e. integrity, discipline, etc.).

I like these designs:

I like classic designs with a little flair. I really like the logos that use the letters of a companys name and work a design around them (i.e. an integrated symbol and text like FedEx or Mobil), I like simple logos like the one for Generation Equity (see below). I dont like symbols that look like crests (i.e. saab). It would be interesting (by no means necessary) to integrate Duane Streets location in New York City into the design. On the stationary, envelops, business cards, etc. the look should be very plain (sorry creatives) the logo, company name, and pertinent information nothing else very simple, which includes no color on the background of business cards or stationary.

Some examples are:

Puma, FedEx, Dove, Mobil,


Must Haves:

The design must visibly include the entire name Duane Street Capital and on letterhead / business card, etc. must include full contact information:

Andrew Saltoun

Duane Street Capital

105 Duane Street, Suite 46H

New York, New York 10007

T: 212.227.9091, F: 212.227.9091, E: ABC@duanestreet.com

W: www.duanestreetcapital.com

Final Thoughts:

I will provide regular feedback and I am excited to work with you to create the best product possible. This business is my passion! All proposals will be reviewed and I am certain that there will be further work to come...



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