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Opuz will be a new interior shop and communication concept for architects and companies who produce or deliver products for contemporary interior.

Opuz will be a place where :

- architects have the opportunity to express their ideas and outline their concepts. Where they get inspired and where they can inspire. A place where they can show and demonstrate their customers the most innovative products from leading manufacturers.

- producers feel comfortable to introduce new products to consumers. A place where producers showcase their products in an in situ environment. A hospitable place where producers can get immediate feedback from architects and consumers

- A place where consumers are triggered to invest more in innovation. A place where consumers can get inspiration and advice. A place where they can meet architects and their ideas and experience innovative products and their benefits.

Opuz will be on a high visibility location with 20 designers interiors (also shoparea), lounge, inspiration & training center and bookshop (about architecture, art, interior, design, living).

Opuz will be fully equiped for the organisation of workshops, seminars and events. It will be a place where architects, designers, producers and consumers can meet each other and discover and buy their products and advice.

Opuz will have his own, labeled, products for interior and home offices (sofas, chairs, tables, carpets, lamps .... designed by young architects and designers)

Opuz will cause a new shopping experience.

Logo :

The design should be elegant, sophisticated, easy-to-read and clean. The logo should stick with you.

The name (Opuz) must be included in the logo, together with an icon that can be used as a brand, independently from the name.

A logo that imparts confidence, competence, but creative, innovative and experienced.

The logo will be used on presentations, websites, business cards, labels on products, ....

The logo should be designed as that it can translate in one color and can be knocked out (white over background color). Ideally (but not necessary) it should make people think about architecture, art, design, innovation and new.

Target audience :

- architects and interior designers.

- companies, innovative in products and services for interior and home office. We will have to convince companies to become a partner in the new concept. They can also use the location as an own showroom and a place to invite their customers.

- Customers (generation X or Bridge generation). They can visit, explore and buy products , ideas, solutions for their interior at the shopping floor.



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