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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The Constellation is a global community of incomparable thought leaders, practitioners and institutions committed to evolving the art, science and craft of leadership. Our unique insights, innovative solutions and emergent collaborative praxis help leaders and their organizations become a force for good in their unending quest to create better, more sustainable futures.

The Constellation helps the worlds foremost enterprises, institutions and their leaders transcend current dilemmas and wicked problems to create preferred futures while continuing to generate greater value in the present. Our advice and methodologies are designed to grow capacity, liberate wisdom and inspire purposeful change. As strategists, advisors, mentors and coaches to Presidents, Heads of State, CEOs, Boards of Directors and senior executives, we engage leaders in fresh conversations that probe deeply and fearlessly under the veneer of business-as-usual. In doing this, we are mindful of the need to support leaders in becoming more skilful in navigating the demands of the here and now while simultaneously forging new pathways forward.

As each organization is unique, no engagement is the same. Each assignment has its own generative qualities based upon real-world dynamics and real-time issues. We provoke highly participatory learning experiences, integrating these with uncommon advice and the specific knowledge of our clients. Key activities make use of retreats, learning laboratories, group work sessions, one-on-one mentoring and executive coaching, and decision theatre technologies. The result is leaders able to stand confidently in uncertainty and chaos, with a clear purpose, using creativity, strategic intelligence and their intrinsic abilities to respond to whatever is next.

We are a young organisation having been established in 2010, although our founders, partners, faculty and associates have established and recognised track records of successfully partnering with world leaders. We have worked with an extraordinary variety of global corporations, international governmental and non-governmental organisations and government departments.

We have been described as:

- a very new breed of global strategic advisory firm;
- a modern day guild association for experienced and confirmed experts, thoughts leaders and practitioners who are committed to evolving the art, science and craft of leadership;
- a global, yet intimate, normative peer community committed to ethical action: to shaping better, more integral and sustainable futures.
- one of the few organisations that exists which is specifically dedicated to working with the worlds leaders to address the wicked problems they are faced with.
- the people world leaders turn to first when:
faced with wicked problems;
trying to shape better, more sustainable futures;
looking for more integral, systemic solutions to their dilemmas;
wanting to take themselves and their institutions from their current way of thinking, being and doing to a new way of thinking, being and doing.

We are all of these things and more for the people, institutions and communities with whom we work.

We refer to our 'clients' more as 'learning partners' with whom we maintain a symbiotic relationship with. It is typically a working relationship which evolves over time and amplifies and accelerates the work we do.

What we are not:

An academic think tank
A coaching/mentoring/training company
A consulting organisation/firm

What do you need?

- Logo for use on letterhead, brochures etc (eventually website etc)
- Letterhead for use on letters and proposals

We are open to either black and white, colour or both. We avoid printing materials, most of our letters, brochures/documents, proposals, reports etc are submitted electronically. However clients often print these documents once they have been received often in black and white. So if you choose colours, please be mindful that our logo, letterhead need to work in black and white too.

We are looking for design submissions that are polished, well thought out and take our brand, essence and approach into account.

Who Is Your Audience?

We work with people and industries all united by a premium position within their respective sectors.

We typically work with Presidents, Heads of State, Ministers/Senators, CEOs, Boards of Directors and Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, High Net Worth Individuals.

We carefully deliberate when considering new client partnerships. Our relationship building process is designed to determine a fit according to the following criteria:

Opinion Makers - We work with the decision-takers in society - those entrusted with leading transnational corporations, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, major cities and nation states.

Market Leaders - Our clients are market leaders - characterized as much by their willingness to accept responsibility for initiating profound change in their respective spheres of influence as by their admired market capitalization, revenues and brands.

Rising Stars - We also engage with emerging leaders, innovators and brands, not always on the market radar, but destined to play a role either transforming their industry or pioneering new ones. Characterised by their youth, agility, and openness, they are uniquely placed to rapidly grow, learn and become Opinion Makers and Market Leaders.

Longer-Term Horizon - In a world consumed with exit strategies and short-term thinking, our clients differentiate themselves through an enduring pledge to the longer-term. With institutional visions of five, ten, fifteen years or even more, these organizations appreciate the multi-year nature of our mutual commitment.

Conscious Leadership - With the benefits and freedoms of longer-term horizons in mind, our clients appreciate their role as corporate citizens and global stewards. As such, they aspire to increasingly use their business platforms as catalysts for positive industry and societal transformation.


We Like These Examples

See our Corporate Overview and feel free to use this as inspiration for the logo and letterhead
See also the logo used for:

www.theelders.org (see logo which uses stars/constellations)

www.carbonwarroom.com (see logo)

www.vertu.com (the iconic V logo)

We Absolutely Must Have

- The immediate impact we want our branding and identity to have is a sense of immense clarity underpinned by sophisticated and elegant thinking.

- These are some of the words/terms that should come to people when thinking about our brand: craftsmanship; global, elite, agile, acumen, wise, innovative, discerning, mavens and connectors, wisdom, elegant, unique, fresh insights, uncommon advice, big picture, sophisticated, adaptive/adaptiveness, generous/ generosity of spirit, networked, collaborative, integrity, integral, systemic, non-linear, ethical, classic/simple, memorable and stand outs in a positive sense, deep profundity of thought and action; clean and clear : wow factor. Our logo, letterhead, brochure template (which includes the fonts and colours you choose) should reflect these key elements.

- It must reflect in some way our name. We use the word constellation to refer to: a configuration of stars historically used to navigate to new worlds; a group of characteristics or ideas; a circle or gathering of remarkable people. The Constellation is all these things for the clients/partners we work with.



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