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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Wayne Engineering, LLC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of garbage trucks and refuse equipment. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers in the country for Automated Side Loading refuse trucks, which automatically pick up the garbage can and dump it. We have a very sophisticated and successful operation.

Our company is a subsidiary of WIH (Wayne Industrial Holdings). WIH Purchased our company in 2006 and has provided a new direction and leadership. Before 2006, our company had a questionable reputation. We want to distance ourselves from that past by creating a new, fresh image.

What do you need?

Our company needs a refreshed imaged to reflect our level of success that we have achieved in recent years. Our logo has not been revised in many years, and it's time for a change. We need the following:

1. A unique icon to represent our company.

2. Refresh and revise the "WAYNE ENGINEERING" logo.

3. Create a business card template that utilizes our new icon and logo.

4. Create stationary that utilizes our new icon and/or logo.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our primary audience is city governments and large trash companies (similar to Waste Management). Because of this, submissions should be professional and sophisticated, yet still exciting. It would also be an added bonus to give your submission an "environmental feel" but this is not a requirement.

Please see our website (wayneusa.com) to get a feel for our company and products. Your logo and icon will be placed prominently on our equipment and website.


We Like These Examples

We want our logo and icon to look better and outclass our competition. The competitors in our industry with the most developed logo and icon are Labrie Environmental Group and New Way Trucks. Please see their websites.


We Absolutely Must Have

1. Icon- This is our most important requirement for this project. We need something that is bold, easily recognizable, and versatile across several mediums (print, web, stationary, embroidery). We would like the creative to come up with a new color scheme that will be incorporated with the icon, logo, business card, and stationary. We would like to have a red used, but it needs to look different than our current red. Bottomline: the color scheme needs to look just as relevant 10 years from now as it does today.

2. Logo- Please see the file attached "WayneLogo.jpg." Refresh this logo using new type font and incorporating the new color scheme that is chosen.

3. Business Card- Create a template that we can use for all our managers and salesmen. It should incorporate the new logo and icon, as well as the color scheme.

4. Stationary- Must look appealing, clean, and professional.

Below is our Company's contact information, to be used on the stationary and business cards.

Wayne Engineering, LLC
701 Performance Drive
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
tel: 1-888-669-2963
fax: 1-319-266-8207



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