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(Complete Creative Brief attached) Fresh Coast is a Distributor of local wine & spirits. As we launch, we are focusing on Michigan wines with the intent on bringing other local (IL, MI, WI, IA, IN, MN, MO) wine, spirit and beer producers on board. There is the potential in the future to add local food specialties to our portfolio. We believe in the local food movement & are passionate about local, mostly family owned wineries focused on producing excellent product.

Our name is a representation of the camaraderie of those who live in the Great Lakes region as well as the reference to fresh (not salt) water. The following Webster dictionary definitions of fresh are also relevant to our namesake: 3 a (1) : experienced, made, or received newly or anew

(2) : additional, another b : original, vivid c : lacking experience : raw d : newly or just come or arrived e : having the milk flow recently established

Our mission statement: Fresh Coast is a distributor bringing quality local wine and spirits to consumers in Illinois. We are advocates for "buying local" and supporting local, regional and the national economies. Our relationship with the supplier, generally a family owned winery/farm/business, is to help them grow their business and extend their reach. As an indispensible bridge with the retailers, Fresh Coast s role as a consultant to the retailer will focus on superior service, product education and marketing.


Were in immediate need of a logo & stationary (business card, letterhead, envelope and shipping label, if possible) and will also be looking to complete a website within the next month. In future marketing, we see the logo and name will be used on shirts, wine glasses, retail signage, point-of-purchase and trade show banners, and wine bags (vertical rectangle, see http://www.maptote.com/shop/napa-valley-...

At a later date, we might add a tag line to our logo.


We have audiences and divide them into 2 categories: Tier 1 audience is retail, restaurant, hotel and catering venues: a. City and suburban restaurants with local produce focus and who are pioneers in the local food movement. b. City and suburban specialty and boutique retailers (1-3 locations) who feature small batch and family owned wineries. c. Large beverage chains (4+ locations) featuring a large selection of mid to high tier wine products. d. Caterers & hotels focused on serving local food.

The Tier 2 audience is the consumer, those who will be purchasing our distributed goods from the Tier 1 seller. The consumer can be defined as a 25-49 year old early to experienced wine drinkers who dine out often. Many of these consumers are foodies who enjoy finding the next great food venue and who enjoy being the one to introduce a hidden gem or a new food/drink discovery to their friends. We will also aim to target younger (21-34) wine consumers who make purchasing local produce a priority through farmers markets, CSAs and community-owned grocery stores.


We like designs that are simple and tasteful, modern and hip, yet organic and natural in feel. Our color preferences are those found in nature and specifically on a farm or in a vineyard (sky blue, yellow-orange sun, grey-purple mist, vine bark brown, rich tan soil, green vine leaves, natural cork, blue lake water, grapes (see http://www.ars.usda.gov/images/docs/1331...

We like this design and the font used (though note that the colors are not what were looking for):

We like the design and fonts used in the Cream Wine logo though not the colors as they feel too muted and forgettable: http://www.creamwine.com/

We also like the following because they merge dual images:

Winemelon: http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail...

Greenovino: http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail...

South DistributionNZ http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail...

And this logo because of the creative use of the shape of the lake (though we prefer not to use a cursive script): http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail...


We must have natural, complimentary colors in our logo. It would be acceptable to exaggerate a natural color slightly. The words Fresh Coast must be prominent with the word Distributor as secondary, even small or in greyscale. If a leaf is used, it should resemble a grape leaf.

It is important to stay away from obvious ordinary graphic usage of a wine bottle or wine glass though the shape could be considered. We like the idea of incorporating the shape of Lake Michigan in our logo-imagine wine/water being poured into that shape (though the Lake Michigan it is definitely not necessary).



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