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[NAME REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER], LLC is a new company that will raise money from wealthy people and institutional investors (like university endowments and pension funds) to buy investment property. Now that the real estate markets in the US are imploding, it means prices are getting lower and the opportunities to buy properties at low prices are getting more numerous. The timing is looking very compelling. The types of properties we will buy will be predominantly apartment buildings, but may include hotels, office buildings, industrial warehouses, and shopping centers.

My name is [NAME REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER], and I am the founder of this company. I have spent the past 10+ years investing and managing capital in real estate deals for university endowment funds like [REFERENCE REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER], and now am going to form my own firm to do it.

The key message that I want to convey to potential investors and lenders is: this company is all about honesty, transparency, and discipline. The recent financial crisis has shown everyone what can happen when investment management companies get too aggressive, take on too much debt, and take other people's money for granted. I want my investors and lenders to understand that my company will treat their money as if it is our own. Our decision to make an investment will be the product of rigorous analysis, due diligence, research, and will draw upon our experience with what has worked in the past and what has not.

We are going back to basics: No fancy financial products, no excessive debt. We will focus on buying properties at a good value and will focus on cash flow, not some theoretical value for which we might be able to "flip" a property. This is not to say that we will not make some opportunistic investments. However, our core principals of discipline and transparency will drive everything.

We are committed to relationships -- both with the real estate community and our family of investors.

We need a logo - and a company identity. The real estate investment management industry is a crowded space with a real homogeneity to the "thesis" and the "image". Everyone seems to try to impress people with fancy, esoteric-sounding company names that mean nothing and only serve to obscure the identity of the owners/managers of the company. I chose to use my own name, [name removed at behest of buyer], in the name of the company to give a bit of an open, transparent, old-fashioned feel to the partnership, something investors can trust.

So, in a nutshell, I need to convey a combination of the following: rigorous analysis, discipline, integrity, transparency, accessibility, and prudence.....but also, opportunity, profit potential, excitement, exclusivity (I am limiting the number of investors), excitement, energy, and a sense that anything is possible.


I need a company logo and a design for letterhead and business cards. I am also very open to a one-sentence slogan that captures the essence of what I described above. But first and foremost, I need a logo that can be used on a website, business cards, letterhead, and (eventually) other collateral like gym bags, golf shirts, golf balls, pens, etc. It must be professional yet energetic; innovative yet familiar; exciting but not frightening; conservative yet open-minded.


Private Investors: These are wealthy individuals. I want them to understand that I am highly experienced, capable of investing their money prudently, trustworthy, creative, and very hard-working on their behalf.

Institutional Investors: Same as above for Private Investors, but I want these investors to understand that I am experienced with their specific needs and am a "blue chip" manager of their capital.

Lenders: I want them to know that I am careful, honest, and will pay them back

Brokers and property managers: I am a transaction-oriented company with a streamlined decision-making process.


I like the design of the logos at [REFERENCE REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER], [REFERENCE REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER], and [REFERENCE REMOVED AT BEHEST OF BUYER]. I like the font used by Starwood Preferred Guest (www.spg.com). Beyond that, I am totally open-minded.

Key things for me are: how do the colors look on screen on a website? Do they look good on a golf shirt or gym bag (i.e. modern colors, not teal and mauve)? I want a logo that can be collapsed to a very small size and still be legible, or expanded to a large size and still look interesting. In other words, more abstract and less detailed.

I am open-minded on color options. Red is probably one that carries a negative connotation in the investment world (i.e. "in the red").


Totally open-minded.....bring it on!

I will leave it to the creative's judgement as to whether to include the letters "LLC" in the logo or not...it depends on how it looks.



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