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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a new company that services the film business by providing stages, film production trucking and star motorhomes, set lighting, motion picture cameras, etc.

What do you need?

We need a recognizable, fun, cool, hip brand. The logo has to look good on the side of a truck or motorhome as well as be something cool for apparel and other swag items we will give to our customers. We want to set ourselves apart from the boring stuffy companies that already exist here.

Concept info:
"The Martini" is a film term that means last shot of the day. The term "Martini" is recognizable to film biz insiders. You will often hear at the end of the day on a film set a shout out "Ok everybody, we're on the martini!" It's usually brings a cheer as it means the long shooting day is over. It's a term with very positive meaning.

Our industry is based on loyalty, we want to build a brand that reflects a positive feeling and that will easily translate into cool marketing and promotional ideas.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our customers are the film insiders. These are the behind the scenes peeps of the Hollywood world. Lots of denim and t shirts and work boots for the guys on set, the office people we work with are very stressed out but savvy. This group is very casual but they work in a world of perfection and coolness and appreciate style. They work hard and grueling hours and have amazing loyalty to their preferred vendors. It's all about friends and word of mouth in this world.


We Like These Examples

http://www.malibulocations.com/ This is clean and sleek
http://www.hollywoodhoneywagon.com/main.... This is fun

We Absolutely Must Have

Martini Film Services, Inc.



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