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A unique non-emergency animal hospital (dog/cat and some exotics) that provides focus on integrative (natural) health in all its treatment options. We are located on a peaceful 3 acres with multiple buldings that include a general hospital where surgeries, preventative and sickness are addressed, a seperate holistic center where we provide acupuncutre, chiropractic, herbals, and other holistic services for our primary clients and clients referred from other hospitals, and then a boarding / daycare facility and grooming facility. We are tucked beneath the Sierra Nevada Mountains, close to the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Integrative / Natural Health is a huge part of our buisness / buisness that we want to advertise and be known for. Our target audience are owners that want more than the "vaccine shot clinic" experience. To service this, we offer aromatherapy in the rooms, wall and tables fountains to help create a relaxing atmosphere where pets can receive acupuncture, etc and be in a calm and stress free enviroment (or that is our hope :) ). Based on our location in town and the services we offer, our clients are often sophisticated, well educated on their pets health and expect a high level of client and patient service. We would like our logo to reflect this type of experience. We would want this logo with print to be a logo that could stand on its own without the print on t-shirts, car magnets / stickers, etc. Something that the public would want to have represented on thier car / buy retail from that shows they beleive / practice this type of health for their pet(s).


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Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care

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Tranquil, Sophisticated, Holistic



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Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care
6474 Bonde Lane Reno, NV 89511
(p) 775-853-6900 (f) 775-853-6966
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Acupuncture Chiropractic Herbals Preventative Medicine Surgery Daycare Boarding Grooming (possibly due bullet points on the back of the card for major procedures performed at the hospital? OR our current card has some of these items on the front as the thought it would be easily seen we perform these services without turning the card over? However, because on the front it looks slightly overwhelming and with current format we can not fit everything on the front. Thoughts?? Open to ideas!!

Additional Info

We do not want to include the typical red / emergency hospital feel to the logo. We want it to be completely opposite this. We really like trees / mountains being incorporated into the design. We love the colors of aqua, dark emerald green, grey, etc. We are looking for an organic feel (wood texture on the face of the background if not a tree incorporated, etc). We have liked the essence trees designs on cards in the past. Dog/Cat yoga could be incorporated....etc :) I am guessing you get the feel :)



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