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Creative Brief

Who are you?

My name is Michel Cloosterman. My nationality is: Dutch (the Netherlands). Two years ago I started up my business. In the Netherlands it's becoming more and more popular to start a One-Person-Business.
My roots are in the HR business. I was Head of HR at the University of Eindhoven for almost 5 years. Before that I worked as I consultant. My roots in education are: I have a Master in History, a master in Business and a master in HR.

The core business of my small company is to develop organizations through the creation of learning projects. Within Companies (mostly high School and universities) I create learning actvities based om the core competenties and strategy of that particulair institution. The learning concept is based on three pillars: Knowlodge, Insights, abbilities/competenties (in Dutch: Kunde). So in Dutch this is: Kennis, Inzicht, Kunde (KIK). When you make a verb of this: it's KIKKEN (that is like the englisg word Kick / like getting a boost of energy of something/an experience.

My personal competence is:
on knowledge: 1. HR, 2. organization and 3. management/leadership
on competence: making connecting between people, their environnent and their business.

What do you need?

From my background I want to start up the "Academie voor Midden Management" (that is: the Academy for Middle Management").
Within the Netherlands there are a lot of courses voor management and leadership. But it seems that there is no platform of institution for the group of middle managers.
Middle Management is recognized as a very important group of people within organizations. But middle management is also not that populair. Its is a categorie of hard working people, getting instructions from the top and doing their work with the people they manage.
Middle management.
Most people I start to work with have a college degree, so their reasonable well educated.

What I need is a logo which reflects the importance of this group, which indicates the importance of the 'in-between' position, buts also reflects the great job they have, and gives inspiration to the future in which organization becoming more dependent of the qualities of their middle management.
So I need something of warmth, people, future and organizations.

Who Is Your Audience?

My audience are those people who lead a team of 10 to 25 people. I working mostly within organizations that are not-for profit (education, government, health). But my ambition is to create a national platform for middle managers of all kinds of organizations, my ambition is to create a association.


We Like These Examples

I not really have examples.
I do like also a picture or image, so not only letters/words

We Absolutely Must Have

The Company name is: Academie voor Midden Management

I like the colours: blue and earth colours, but also green.
My constellation is: Aquarius



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