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The client is a newly independent federal/private industry staffing and management consulting firm. This is the company organizations call when when they have a staff shortage or when they have a defined problem that they need resolved and they can't use their existing staff resources to solve it - such as needing to develop a new project management system, a training manual, or to develop next year's strategic plan. A few unique things about the organization: 1. Their internal operations staff is made up almost exclusively of long-time employees, a rarity in the industry. 2) They are selective when considering applicants for placement, unlike the larger 'name-brand' firms. 3) The brand must appeal to government, medical, and private-sector clients. The name of the firm is Parker Truss. (The owner's name is Parker.) The tagline is "Our Mission Is Manning Yours." The organization is veteran owned. For this project you will be working with an Art Director (the guy that will interact with you on this site) to help you refine your ideas. Your direct client will be this firm and not the end user of the logo.

The selected designer will be given direct access to Parker Truss should any follow-on work be required.


We need a logo that conveys the stability, respectability, and power of the organization. The logo must be effective in color, B&W, and grayscale, and both light and dark backgrounds. The logo (or perhaps an aspect of the larger logo) must be usable as the favicon (16x16 pixels.) The logo must also work for large-scale signage - up to 12' across since it will be used on the reception wall and for sponsorship banners. Best of all, the logo will be displayed on the spinnaker of the owner's racing sailboat.

Items to be delivered:

1) Logo with full name and tagline (all logos to be provided in Color & B&W)

2) Logo with name only

3) Logo only (if there is a graphic element)

4) Favicon

For the items following...You may submit items prior to being selected if you feel it would help your case, but we will not ask to see it until we are down to the final two or three concepts. We will request TWO options for the complete set to choose from.)

5) Letterhead

6) Std. Business Envelope

7) Windowed Business Envelope

8) Business Card

For items 1-4 you can submit your concepts in jpg, pdf, or other standard viewing formats. The client-selected design must be provided in EPS, AI, PSD and high quality JPG to fulfill the contract. All colors should be web-safe and color values provided in a text file accompanying the delivery. Fonts should be described, and if they are not standard the location and price for the font set provided.

For items 5-8 we need print-ready editable templates, preferably the FULL INDD FOLDER (preflighted with no errors.)


Primarily federal procurement managers and HR professionals. These are bottom-line people who tend to avoid risky hires. They want safe and secure. We also want to attract the professionals who we will place on contracts, so the imagery should make those who work for us proud to be a part of the team.


First, read this article: http://archive.webpronews.com/2003/0731.....

We like the iconic nature of these logos - but don't want to see anything copying them:



Note that a "Parker Truss" is actually a kind of bridge - and that is why we suggest imagery that affirms this meaning (it doesn't HAVE to be a bridge, but it's an easy tie in.).

Here is a picture: http://www.historicbridges.org/truss/nsa....

You don't have to use this rather utilitarian truss design if you don't want to. Any iconic bridge design would be okay - if you want to use the bridge at all.

We are open to foil-stamped logos or other colors/techniques that suggest stability.

We couldn't find an example, but a solid logo with a slight perspective would also be interesting to us - something that showed the depth to the letters (and bridge - if you use one.) We would not want this technique to detract from the stability of the brand, however.

Other imagery you might consider: The omnipresent columns on government buildings, The Potomac River (perhaps somehow spanning it with the brand?), an outline of DC and the Beltway (the area that Parker Truss serves) or anything suggesting (architectural?) stability.


We do NOT want to see logos that feel progressive, overly modern, or artsy. No whimsy! No italics. The typography should be ramrod straight (though we are open to either sans serif or serif), and probably bolded (but that isn't absolutely required.)

We do NOT want to see the name abbreviated. You can stack the words or have them in a single line - or perhaps you can provide both. That's up to you. A "PT" logo will not be considered.

This is not a logo built around personality (as most seem to be these days.) This is about capability, stability, and trust. If a bridge helps you to tell that story we welcome it as part of the logo.

We do not want to see anything close to this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ZpoOGPv-qSc/Rm...

Nor this:


Nor this:




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