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I work at Williston State College, a very small community college in Northwest North Dakota. (Yes, where it's 30 below!) I received grant funding to finance a virtual entrepreneurship center serving youth, prospective, new, established, end-stage and other entrepreneurs in NW North Dakota and SE Montana. The area is known as the Mondak Region. (We are about 60 miles from Canada and about 20 miles from the Montana border and the two states work together a lot.)

Our area is highly rural - we grow primarily durum & spring wheat, oats, sunflowers, peas & legumes, raise cattle and right now, are blessed by a huge oil boom. Additionally, we are home to many companies of a non-rural nature: national and international companies, the usual "main street" businesses, etc. Our rural heritage, however, will live on long after the oil has dried up. Our goal is to create a "place" where entprepreneurs can get information without having to travel 100 miles or more to find it or make call after call or search website after website. Our youth are leaving the area in droves and we would like to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people by inspiring them to start their own businesses in their hometowns. I hope this center can help accomplish that aim. As part of that vision, we will be matching entrepreneurs with mentors who can assist them as only a working professional can.

Although we don't yet have an official name (I'm open to suggestions!) we will be fairly high-profile in our area and the first in our state to have such a center. Although this project is separate from WSC, it will be loosely tied to the college, since I am the E-ship instructor, as well as the big dog at the regional center! (Which means, basically, that I have the privilege of doing it all!!! LOL! Our Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will be one of our many resource providers, along with local volunteer mentors, educational offerings, sources for info for starting businesses, biz plan competitions, youth opportunities, internship possibilities through the college, businesses for sale, etc.

Our site will have a blog, Facebook presence, etc., so we need a logo that will translate well on the web, as well as in print, on signage, t-shirts, etc. and appeal to our mentors, as well. The written communication will mostly be for our mentors.

If you check a map, you'll see how very isolated we are and can imagine what challenges our rural population faces. Having said that, Williston, North Dakota is a very special place to live...wonderful people, beautiful open spaces, clear, clear blue skies, unlimited opportunities, sparkly snow, bountiful harvests...truly a wonderful place. I want to encourage anyone with a dream of having a businesses to consider this amazing place where dreams really can come true!

There may be more opportunities for adding to the various parts of the website as its developed, for example the part for new entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurs, etc. I won't have a ton of money to work with, but I'm happy to credit your work and link to your website/company if that's okay.

Please feel free to check out the college: www.wsc.nodak.edu or email me directly if you'd like more info: maeve.macsteves@wsc.nodak.edu


A cool, fun, recognizable logo that really SCREAMS opportunity - information - resources - mentoring - your one-stop shop for business information in NW ND & SW MT...


Entpreneurs of all ages and stages...young, old, retirees, current, second-career builders...very broad, I'm afraid. But all will be from a rural area (even my hometown, Williston, has only 12,999 happy people (plus one grumpy old guy))...some will be businesses in town (like a restaurant or hair shop or hardware store) and others will be export businesses, high-value businesses, web-based businesses, life-style businesses, social entreprenurs, etc.


Needs to be instantly recongnizable. I like the word E-ship (I'm so SICK of spelling Entpreneneurship!) but not sure I want E-center or anything like that or a fancy "e"...

I'd like something more "logo-ish" without letters that will work with multiple names. I'd also like something that acknowledges our ruralality - do you like my new word? ;-)

I hate lightbulbs for "ideas" and prefer an original design, not something based on clipart.

I like stars...I like the idea of beginnings, relationships, opportunities, dreams coming true...

This is ND, so it can't be too edgy or urban, but not cowboy-ish or hick.


I am attaching our college logo so you can see it, however I really don't want to have he logo be a part of the center's logo. It will be on the website as a "sponsored by" situation.



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