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Creative Brief

About SponsorshipMVP


Sponsorship Measurement, Value, and Performance LLC (SponsorshipMVP) is a new marketing consulting firm that provides strategic marketing services to sports and entertainment sponsors in mid to large businesses in the US, including Fortune 500 companies. SponsorshipMVP focuses on developing its clients capabilities to measure, understand, and improve sponsorship performance, ultimately delivering greater return on sponsorship investment.

SponsorshipMVP competes in a niche market within the high-growth area of marketing performance measurement. SponsorshipMVP applies best practices in marketing measurement directly to sponsorships, enabling clients to manage their sponsorships more effectively and focus their sponsorship resources on delivering greater short-term profitability and long-term brand equity. The market size for sports sponsorship is considerable larger than for entertainment sponsorship, thus SponsorshipMVPs opportunity is more weighted toward sports sponsorships. Some top-of-mind examples of sports sponsorships are associated with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including sponsors such as VISA, McDonalds, Coke, UPS. Heres a link to Olympics sponsors note they are all depicted by their logos. http://en.beijing2008.cn/90/53/column211...

Target Audience


SponsorshipMVPs primary clients are marketers who focus on sports and entertainment. They tend to be sports or entertainment junkies. They are often ex-athletes or performers and want to stay involved in what they love. The sports and entertainment sponsorship arena is perceived as exciting and glamorous, but those who work in it know it is also full of type A personalities who work tremendously hard and are competitive and driven to succeed. Sports marketing tends to be predominantly male, while entertainment marketing has a relatively greater proportion of female marketers.

The Brand


The company will be commonly known as SponsorshipMVP. It will have a web presence at sponsorshipmvp.com. While MVP stands for measurement, value, and performance, it is obviously intended as a play on Most Valuable Player and meant to suggest the qualities of performance excellence in sports. The brand personality is athletic, performance-driven, bold, confident, credible, experienced, professional. The current tag-line is Measure Value Perform. The tag line will be used in conjunction with the logo but will not be part of the logo I envision it as a logo treatment.

What I need


SponsorshipMVP needs a corporate logo and stationery to convey its brand. The logo is most important and where I would like designers to concentrate their efforts.

Logo Design Parameters


-- Must include these two words: sponsorship MVP

-- MVP must be emphasized in the logo. Do not include LLC, .com, or any other words in the logo.

-- Logo must be visible and scalable on different media. It will appear on objects as small as golf balls, on t-shirts and hats, most frequently on corporate website and printed materials and presentations, and sometimes on large trade show signs, banners, and video screens.

-- Logo should include a symbol. Symbol can be stand-alone or integrated into the words/letters. Symbol should be evocative of measurement and performance.

(Just a thought-starter since measurement is so critical in sports, and I am track and field fan, I think about a stopwatch or timer, or sprinters leaning across a finish line.)

Absence of a symbol is OK if you think your design still effectively conveys the company

-- Please limit the logo to no more than 2 colors in addition to black or white less is more.

-- I would like the logo to convey movement or forward progress

-- I have a preference for sans serif fonts for the logo and stationery because to me they tend to look cleaner.

-- Simple, uncluttered design is better than complex. Here are some links to sites with logos I like where symbol, typeface, color and design work together to represent the brand:

Visual CV: http://www.visualcv.com/

Cisco: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/hmpgs/index.h...

CIT logo: http://www.cit.org/about/index.html

Virginia Lottery: http://www.virginialottery.com/default.a...

Sprint logo: http://www.sprint.com/index.html

BP: http://www.bp.com/multipleimagesection.d...

Thank you! I look forward to your responses!



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