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Let me tell you about us.

Trilient Partners (www.trilient.com) is a highly active, peer driven, private partnership of trusted individual relationships from around the world, committed to (1) saving money together by looking at the numerous ways to pay less for the things we need and want, (2) making investments to increase our net worth and help provide future security, and (3) connecting with philanthropy to give back responsibly and help make a measurable difference in our society.

Practically, Trilient is the online place where PEOPLE, IDEAS, OPPORTUNITIES, and PHILANTHROPY converge in a way that rewards and benefits our trusted Partners, Every Day.

Trilients guiding philosophy:

Reliability in Trusted Relationships

POWER in Numbers

As a Trilient Partner, inviting your trusted relationships to join and enjoy the rewards and benefits is an ongoing pleasure and core to our success.

Partners can use Trilient to:

Buy or get Product & Services cheaper, thus save money!

Discover, suggest and access investment opportunities that suit individual investment objectives, hence make money!

Give back responsibly and make a difference...Be Philanthropic and do good!

Access premium multi-media content on philanthropic areas of interest through our relationship with Contribute Media.

Tell us what you want to buy, invest in, and give to, so we can accommodate requests wherever possible.

Here is what we need:

We are looking for a logo to represent our Global organization. The logo will be used to drive a new web design and color palette. The logo will appear online as well as on stationary, business cards, signage, clothing, you name it..

We are also looking for brand recognition. Something that can stand on its own and be recognized without our company name with it.

Our target audience is:

Trilient is a global organization that targets anyone interested in what we offer. Essentially, this is probably you and those you trust the most who you would like to see benefit from saving money, making money, and giving back responsibly.

We like these designs:

We like logs that have our company name (Trilient Partners) along with an image of some sort either to the left, right, above, below or interlocking.

With regards to colors and fonts, we want to see vibrant but professional colors and smooth fonts. Wed like to see different color combinations that can then be used as the baseline color palette for our website.

Our design absolutely must have:

I do not want to influence the creative minds working on this too much but one of the ideas we would like to see is a logo that uses the letters TP interlocking or in some fashion within the design. We of course want other designs as well so please dont limit yourselves to just this suggestion.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Do not want to see anything that resembles a pyramid, triangle, diamond, or a globe.



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