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Mobile Fusion is a leading mobile / digital marketing advertising agency offering:

1. text message / SMS campaigns

2. mobile Web/WAP site design, development and hosting

3. mobile marketing strategy/plan/roadmap

4. Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android and other mobile phone apps

5. mobile media ad buying, search engine optimization/marketing (SEM/SEO), social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), traditional online and other digital services.

Our secret sauce is that we integrate or fuse mobile marketing (text messaging, mobile websites, iPhone apps, etc.) into our clients existing marketing and advertising initiatives and campaigns. This fusing concept is represented in the attached .pdf file, which is from a PowerPoint slide we use in our sales presentations.


We need a logo that visually expresses that we fuse mobile marketing into a clients overall marketing and advertising programs and campaigns.

Logo formats: We need a logo to use for:

- The company website, both desktop (traditional) and mobile (small). The current website will be redesigned, most likely with a white background. The logo design, of course, is key for us to choose the look-and-feel (color, fonts, etc.) for the redesign of our website.

- Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

- Electronic/digital documents such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word (for letterhead, fax, etc.)

- Business card

- Sales collateral via an Adobe .pdf file to post on our website, email and print out on heavy stock paper.


A vice president (VP) of marketing at a business-to-consumer (B2C) company in the U.S.A. Typically in the retail, franchise, financial services (bank or insurance) or travel B2C industries.

POINT OF PAIN (aka, problem statement): The VP of marketing is feeling anxious that his/her company should have already begun to use text messaging/SMS and other mobile marketing tactics. But he/she doesnt know of a mobile marketing expert.

SOLUTION: Within 3 seconds, the logo must convey that Mobile Fusion is an accomplished player in text messaging and mobile marketing, and it should move to the short list for any client considering hiring a mobile marketing ad agency. The logo will visually communicate that Mobile Fusion can help add text messaging/SMS and mobile marketing to the VPs marketing/advertising programs and campaigns.


- Idealab http://www.idealab.com - Very clean, smart and sharp design. When you see the logo along with the name, you understand immediately what they do.

- Salesforce.com http://www.salesforce.com - Love the No software mantra. I also like the cloud in the background that implies that is a software as a service (SaaS) model. Again, the viewer sees the logo and can infer what it does without reading any text on the website.

- Verizon http://www.verizon.com with V on top of Verizon name.

- Best Buy http://www.bestbuy.com - I like this because it implies that you can buy things at this store with the price label surrounding the Best Buy name.

- Nike - http://www.nike.com - logo with swoosh design Who doesnt like this icon of cool.


We must have four things in the logo design:

1) the Mobile Fusion name

2) Design look-and-feel: Uncluttered

3) Cool, technology feel. Not over the top, but professional and web 2.0.

4) A design with a graphic, symbol or other idea that is part of/aligns with the mobile fusion name. Again, we don't want cluttered, but something more eye-catching than just the name.

OTHER DIRECTION (not a must-have):

- I prefer to use the name in the logo as mobile fusion in lowercase. But Im open to having the name with or without the capital letter at the beginning of each word (aka, Mobile Fusion).

We dont want to see:

- Cheesy or unprofessional

- the company name in all CAPITAL LETTERS

- No tag line or slogan with logo

DELIVERABLES: Initially, just a color version of the logo. We will then choose the winning design and begin to work with the designer to work through the following format file formats, types and sizes.

1) A color and black / white version of the logo.

2) the logo in EPS, JPG and other standard formats per the uses/formats listed above. We will need to resize the logo for future projects. We will incorporate into our website, Twitter/Facebook webpage, PowerPoint, etc.

3) Business card. Id like to email this file to the local printer for it to print our new business cards and Ill provide the copy to output one business card file.

4) One letter template in Microsoft Word format so that we can email or print it on our office printer. No need for an envelope (we never use).



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