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Were looking for your help to create a logo and product label. By product label we mean that it will be a die-cut sticker that will be adhered to the front of a classic Chinese food to-go box. We dont need any stationary.

First, let me explain the brand:

Foo McChu is a brand new company offering fortune golf tees: golf tees that read like fortune cookies.

The brand is built on the mythical character of Foo McChu whos mix of Chinese and Scottish heritage collide to create fortune tees. This obviously hodgepodge mix of elements is why we need your expertise! I think it needs to somehow insinuate Chinese/ Asian/ Zen/ Wisdom/ Fun.

Now for the deliverables:

1) Logo: we need a logo that reads Foo McChu. Thing is, 80% of the time this logo will be used on the product packaging, so we are much more concerned how the logo and label work together than the logo by itself. It is OK for the logo portion to be relatively simple and elegant.

The main text of the logo should be, Foo McChu, but it could also integrate this tagline: fortune tees.

2) Product label: This will be the front face of the product packaging. It will be adhered to a classic Chinese food to-go box. Here are the details:

a. It can be die-cut.

b. It can be 4-color (but doesnt have to be)

c. Printed size can be no larger than 2.75 X 2.75 to fit on front of container. It can be up to 1.25 in all directions you want it to wrap onto the sides or the top of the container.

d. The label needs to include the following text:

> Small print: 35 Tees

> Small print: 2

> Optional tagline: "Chinese Wisdom You Can Tee"

> Optional smaller print: "Foo McChu say: Negative thoughts add only positive strokes."

Logos/labels we like:





Remember: this will be a gift for golfers, so keep the golf theme obvious.

Thank you for your help!



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