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Vastalla is a ambitious new company, which is going to be involved in a number of High Technology (mainly Engineering) projects.

Plainly speaking Vastalla is the company to which another company resolves to in order to overcome (engineering) problems others cant solve.

These High Technology projects are in the following fields or sectors:


Telecommunications and Information Technology

Oil & gas


Given the particular nature of Vastalla, we give some examples of what we actually mean for High Technology projects.

These projects could be: developing an innovative way to remotely control a lander on the moon surface (Aerospace); devising efficient algorithms to make data transit faster over telecom networks (Telecommunications and Information Technology); creating a breakthrough technology to recover more oil from reservoirs (Oil & Gas); improving drug discovery or proteins interaction prediction through computing algorithms (Pharmaceutical), etc.

As you can imagine Vastallas creative output could be very immaterial (such as a algorithm or a PC program).

Vastalla obviously encourages the research and development of interesting and very innovative concepts, processes or products that can potentially change the way we live on this planet. This is very ambitious, we know.

One of the prized outputs of this company is patents for breaktrough technologies.

An important component of the company is the Vastalla Labs, the R&D unit. Vastalla takes Intellectual Property (IP) seriously.

There is no pay-off for the Vastalla brand.

We need:

a logo for Vastalla

a logo for Vastalla Labs

stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.)

The logo will be used in print (business cards, technical documents, letters, envelopes, etc.) but also on websites.

We would like something that:

1) Is iconic. The logo should stand without text (Vastalla name) and immediately recall the Vastalla brand in the mind of the viewer.

2) We stress the message: the logo must be unique and stand out from the crowd.

3) Integrates very well with text (the Vastalla name or the Vastalla Labs name).

4) Should be perfect in black and white.

5) It should be possible to have different color variants of the same logo. But please remember that the black & white logo is more important.

6) In a 10 or 20 years time the logo should still stick with the viewer.

The logo should convey the ideas/feelings of:


Fearless trust in the future.

Vastalla is: smart ideas and smart people.

Vastalla has a lot of BP (BrainPower) its clients can rely on.

Vastalla is a young company but nonetheless a company that clients can trust.

High Tech needs not to be necessarily cold but can be warm and friendly.

People shouldnt have fear of Technology. Technology is not a monster to be slained.

We are living on a small planet we could improve with the right commitment: Vastalla cares of Planet Earth with a business perspective. Vastalla thinks things can be improved making ample use of ingenuity to solve problems.

The typography aspect is very important. Please state all the fonts used and their respective foundry. Please bear in mind that the typeface could be used in all the documents in order to reinforce the Vastalla brand in the mind of the reader. In a ideal world, seeing an inner page (with no logos in it) of a technical document a reader should say:Oh, yes. This document is from Vastalla!.

If anything is missing in this brief please ask us. We will do our best to develop a constructive relationship with you and give as many feedbacks we can.



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