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Let me starting by thanking you for taking the time to evaluate my project.

I need help creating an identity for my company. Technically I already have a logo, which I do like and had created before I discovered crowdSPRING, I have not officially done anything with it yet though. I originally planned to only place an order for stationery design (business cards, letterhead, etc), however I decided to choose a logo/stationary combo instead. I have attached our current logo, which everyone is welcome to use, however I wanted to also let the creative minds loose and see if someone is able to come up with something we may like a little more as well.


ENSEVA is a technology company focused around server virtualization. Our product/service is to help companies save money by outsourcing their server infrastructure onto our virtualization platform. We take care of the hardware, while our customers take care of the applications they require (sometimes we take care of managing the applications too).

There are some other key benefits to our virtualization services as well, such as ease of scalability (flexibility) and higher uptimes through clustering and live migration technologies.

There are many other providers out there; however most of them utilize software virtualization. ENSEVA focuses on hardware virtualization, which allows us to do a better job of carving our resources between different customers.

Our target customers are companies requiring large quantities of virtual servers (20+), with higher resource allocations. Our focus is not the low end market.

The name ENSEVA actually has no meaning (or none that I am aware of). Its a completely fabricated name. In todays society, short .com names are difficult to come by. We needed something short, flexible, and easily remembered. ENSEVA (www.enseva.com) was born.

ENtertainment - SEA - VAH

What ENSEVA needs

-- LOGO --

We need an identity! Something that can be used on the website (which I plan to post a project immediately following this one should things go well with crowdSPRING), business cards, letterhead, etc Not only does the name need to stand out, but the mark needs to as well. Customers familiar with us should be able to see the mark with no words, and instantly recognize it as being associated with the name ENSEVA (this is obviously something that will take time and marketing). As I said previously, everyone is welcome to use the mark we already have, edit the mark we already have, create something entirely new, or combinations of all of the above.

Think Flexible

Think Powerful

Think Reliable

We need the ability to easily apply the logo to multiple colored backgrounds (white, black, grays, etc..). So samples on white and black backgrounds would be appreciated.


I would very much like to see a two sided business card. See business_cards.doc for additional information on likes and dislikes for both logos and stationery.


I dont have much to comment on the letterhead and envelopes yet. I think this should follow and match the same style as the business cards.

Please also see websites.doc . They are some screen shots of websites that I like. As I plan to put a project together following this one to create a new website, feel free to use these screenshots as inspiration.



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