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A couple of years ago I started a small consultancy called Renaissance Business Solutions. I have decided to change the name of the firm to Renaissance Strategic Solutions (RSS) and need to develop a look/feel for marketing/branding purposes. I have attached two files that include the ideas I have developed on my own so far. The notes below describe how I'd like these ideas improved upon.

I selected the name Renaissance because the consultancy is based on Leonardo da Vinci's 7 principles (see http://www.dreammanifesto.com/the-genius... for details), especially the idea of balancing art and science. There are two main logo symbols I like that reflect these principles. The first one is a version of a heptagram, which is a seven-pointed star; a related symbol is the heptagon, which is a seven-sided polygon. I also like the Fibonnaci spiral, which reflects the Fibonacci sequence and is a symbol of perfection.

I add the most value to clients by providing them with big-picture thinking and analysis, as well as strategic direction and innovative solutions to the problems they face. RSS will focus primarily on helping organizations increase their effectiveness internally (through both better management and enhanced communications), but can also help with external marketing and branding efforts.

For details on my professional background, you can check out my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cshunt312. I have developed recent expertise in internal applications of Social Media, including establishing a LinkedIn group called Social Media in HR (SMinHR, soon to be renamed Social Media AND HR). My social media expertise doesn't need to be specifically highlighted, but sharing it with you helps reflect the fact that I focus on leading-edge issues and opportunities. I am very future focused.


I need someone to take my ideas and improve upon them to create a polished, professional looking logo that can be used either alone or with text in a variety of media using different formats (see Newbiz branding RSS file for examples). The logo should look good in both color and black and white. The font should be reflective of Leonardo and his principles without looking old fashioned or froo-froo. I definitely prefer cleaner, simpler lines. I also like color, and would like to see jewel tones (strong, deep reds, greens, blues, purples) in the color scheme.

The logo/text font should be easy to incorporate in all Word applications, including PP and Publisher (I can create my own templates). I will probably use a sans serif font like Trebuchet or Calibri in the documents I create, and the logo/text font should compliment that.

I plan to get business cards from vistaprint.com, so I'd like the business card design to work with that. Using both sides is great. The cards will probably be printed on paper with a glossy finish, at least on the front.

I also need to create some electronic letterhead, so I will need the logo/name/tagline to work as a header in Word. I do not intend to purchase any paper letterhead stock.

Finally, I am planning to start a blog and would love to have a blog layout with the same look/feel. Unfortunately, I can't request that as part of this project, so I will do that separately once I finalize the initial branding work. Regardless of whether you can do the blog work, please keep that in mind as you complete your design.

Because I will be writing a blog and there is a strong overlap between my personal brand and the company brand, the logo font should be able to work well with a photo (headshot) of me too.


Human Resources professionals and other executives at firms of all sizes, as well as the leadership of academic institutions and non-profit/not-for-profit organizations. They should get the impression that RSS is a sophisticated, leading edge firm that offers strategic, innovative solutions to the challenges they face.


See notes above, as well as attachments. I like clean, powerful logos/text. Developing an easy to recognize brand identity is critical.


See notes above. I am adverse to anything that looks too traditional - like too much blue, puzzle pieces, lightbulbs, maps . . . Although the logo will be clean/simple, it shouldn't be too cartoonish given the ways in which it will be used.



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