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Dear Creatives,

Exxential has developed a unique technology that aggregates non-public information spread across disparate sources/websites and presents it to its clients/users as a single source in real time. To put it simply it can be thought of as a specialized instant messanger and RSS integrator on a stimulant. To best use our limited resources, we have decided to initally focus on providing visit tracking and customer support solutions to online retailers. This is not to say that we don't have bigger aspirations, but only after we have found our feet.

We sincerely encourage you give it your best shot. Thanks and we look forward to working with you.



We need a logo and a corresponding stationary set that conveys our spirit and innovation. We had a logo designed (attached as part of this submission) but it needs to be reworked. We have no preferences for colors or fonts but would like it to be closer to "professional" rather than "funky". This logo will be used primarily on the website and stationary only. It should only contain the name "Exxential" and should not have ".com" or "Corp." as part of the name.

We will be posting a (Pro) web design project here soon and the entry to that project will to a large extent be driven by the quality of your submission on this one.


We are currently focusing on business customers who sell high-value products through online channels. Over time though, the target audience is expected to include a much diverse group which may consist not only of businesses but also individuals. Therefore, when designing the logo, don't restrict it too narrowly to the group we currently have in mind.


A few major things that we want our logo to convey:


- As mentioned before, it should hold a broad appeal.

- It should convey a feeling of spontaneity and immediacy.

- It should portray our core "innovation" - that of aggregating information from different sources and disseminating it. Our current logo (attached) - captures it to some extent with the arrow heads in the two X's in our name, but the arrows need to be reinforced. We would like to see designs that have arrows coming in (portraying information from different sources) and a prominent arrow going outwards (portraying information getting out). But these are just pointers to what we think best describes us - all ideas are welcome.

- As you may notice - our name is a slight twist on the word "essential". We want that the fragment "Exx" in our logo should stand out and become our brand symbol - so that we can use it to name our future offerings - other words that start in "ex" or "ess".

- It is extemely important that the logo you design blends well with dojo toolkit's (Version 1.1.1) Tundra theme. We plan to use dojo/dijit controls in various parts of our application (e.g. user signup, feedback etc.) for the ease of their use, therefore it is important that the logo you design meshes well with it.

- As mentioned before, we will be posting another project here for a website design soon. As you post your submission, please also consider as to how the logo you have designed will fit if you were to bag that project as well. Of course, we don't expect you to have any extensive dojo expertise, we would prefer creatives who are familiar with general UI design principles of the toolkit.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing &seeing:


- Absolutely do not post your submission unless everything that is part of it is created by you. Negotiating to obtain the rights to something that wasn't created by you is not the most effective use of our time and effort.

- Please refrain from posting multiple entries that differ only slightly. We believe these variations are better handled by the feedback mechanism instead of getting a multitude of entries that are more or less similar.



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