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In Short:

BeenVerified.com is revolutionizing the background checking industry! The difference between us and every other background checking company is we give the results of those employment background checks back to the candidates they were conducted on. Those candidates (our users) can now forever use their own verified accomplishment as a marketing tool for their next job or wherever they go online (ie. freelance communities, social networking sites). Best of all sharing those accomplishments is as easy as sending a paypal money request. We are currently targeting small to medium business looking for simple and accessible employment background screening, but ultimately the candidate is who we are developing a long term trusted relationship with.

Think of it this way. You're a freelancer, wouldn't it be nice to instantly show your potential employers you were credible and had the credentials you claim. Well, that's exactly what BeenVerified does and you're who we built our service for. In your mind, what does the branding and logo of the company who provides that service for you look like?

Business Anology:

We are to background checks as Basecamp (37 signals) is for project management. What Freshbooks.com did for online invoicing.

Design Instructions:

We are looking to completely overhaul our branding and identity. You have complete creative freedom as far as design and colors go.

Only restrictions:

No sheilds, no checkmarks, no keys, and no locks.

One last thing:

We truly appreciate all of the designers out there who will spend their time working on our branding and I just wanted to say thank you in advance.



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