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Insightr is a new type consultancy for agencies and organizations who are looking for assistance with making sense of their digital marketing data and decision making processes. Founded on four guiding principles of research, measure, understand and optimize Insightr aims to make the data driven process for digital organizations simpler. There is a lot of competition growing in this space, so our objective is to stand out of the crowd with a simple value proposition: "work with us and we will help you make better, smarter decisions that will make your marketing efforts work harder and more efficiently for you". The positioning is that with experience in process, tools and the industry across 3 continents that Insightr is best placed to use years of experience to help organizations use data to their advantage.

A little background on the name:

I've spoken with a few people who have asked me to explain the name "Insightr" (which by the way I'm unsure on whether to lowercase or capitalize). Part of the name is hopefully obvious - the term insight is used to express that working with us will give you the insight you need to sucessfully make the right data driven decisions in strategy, research and advertising. The "r" is a little more complex - some have been led to thinking this is a silly web2.0 name that's going to look out of date in 12 months; which is possibly true. I'm inclined to think of it in another way: "R squared" is a mathematical term used to measure coefficient of correlation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coefficient...) in other words a measure of fit for relationships. I thought it was a kind of math joke - insight and R means we'll help you make sense of things and it'll be a great fit for your business.

I'm also quite happy for clients to think I'm a funky progressive web2.0 inspired consultancy!


I'm really starting from nothing - a brand identity and guidelines in the form of logo, business card design, letterhead will serve me well. Coming from a world of working within guidelines I feel with the identity and logo I can extend this to (for example) PowerPoint templates or invoice templates. Use of color, typefaces, logo and sizes will be key. I will be using the project deliverables to streamline my cms design for my website and emails.


Target audience is decision making (budget holding) marketing professionals from mid to large size organizations through to small agencies who are looking to outsource analytics and optimization services. In many organisations the decision makers will be from procurement or finance who may not be so interested in the actual services we offer, but will be looking to sense professionalism and quality.

I'm looking for a fresh, clean, uncluttered design that will send that key mesage of professionalism and simplicity -- remember the world of analytics can be scary and complex to folks who don't fully understand so a key objective will be to use brand typography, layout and design to instill a sense of "yeah, these guys aren't too boring, process orientated or full of BS - we'd like to engage in a dialog with them".


White space is nice. I also like typography - logos where a simple symbol and a clean font are the primary identifiers - examples would be apple, microsoft. a great company is juiceanalytics, thought their work is amazing their website and logo are not imho. I use the following tools from these companies: omniture.com, webtrends.com, coremetrics.com, doubleclick.net, google.com/analytics. These companies are in the same consultancy space: stratigent, juiceanalytics, numericanalytics, logantod, datalicious, webanalyticsdemystified.com, grokdotcom.com - I don't particularly like any of their designs: very cluttered and not so creative.


I am not a designer - but a key element I would like to keep in the design is the alpha symbol I tried to incorporate on the logo I mocked up at my in development site (www.insightr.com). You'll notice I used this for the favicon as well as the header for the site.

I am hoping to use a public domain font(s) that won't cost too much (ie free) to utilise on website, business cards etc. I am quite impressed with the Puritan font (http://openfontlibrary.fontly.org/files/...)

I really don't want to see stock photography (a lot of my competitors use these - pictures of folks with spreadsheets or 3d charts flying upwards!), or microsoft office type icons. drop shadows and reflections are not cool, neither are bevel / chisel edges / 3d effects on text (*a 3d logo or multidimensional logo is fine though!).



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