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I am looking to start fresh with a logo and branding for my photography business. Up until now I have only used a simple header or font and not had proper branding. I am primarily a landscape photographer that also takes on some weddings and other photography related work. I am looking for a design that would represent both of these areas. It is currently a blank slate and it would be a fresh start with no colors or fonts in mind. You can view my sites and other info here: www.gavinhowarth.com

The logo would need to incorporate my name although I am not sure about my whole name so either:

Gavin Howarth Photography

or just

Howarth Photography

I am unsure on this and am more partial to the latter but would be happy to see variations of either.

The logo will be used primarily on my new website that is in production. It would also need to work well on stationary as well as business cards, watermarks etc.

My target audience is of the younger crowd for both sides of the business, I would guess at the age range to be between 20-40 years old, typically more female than male. I am looking to portray a higher end product and service and need a logo to match. I am not set on any colors and would like something fairly neutral to work with the diversity of my sites. I am looking for a modern, simple, clean design. Nothing corny or large and overdone.

Designs that appeal to me are minimal and simple. I would be interested in anything along these lines and could potentially change direction depending on the designs that you feel would work well with my images.

Please view my sites and take into account that I am looking for something that I can use completely across the board to represent me on both sites.

So to summarize: simple, clean logo with the possibility of some color's although not too much. Simple fonts that read well, I tend to prefer thinner.

Please let me know if any more info is needed.

Many thanks,




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