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Horsey Habit has been growing aggressively since our doors opened in 2001. We have outgrown our original store, expanded our product offerings, and developed an outstanding reputation for excellence in customer service. Its time for a new logo to represent our more grown up image and to showcase our stores primary strength, our saddle fitting knowledge. We sell everything you need to ride and show horses in the english and western disciplines. We sell saddles, tack, clothing, gifts, feed and boots. Our primary business is selling new and used saddles. (40% are western, 40% english, and 20% dressage.) Our second largest category is riding boots. Our store is located in WI, but we also have a mobile shop that travels the Midwest selling our goods at consumer horse events. Our store is quickly becoming a destination that our customers will drive hours to shop at. Most of our competition is not as large as we are, and they are not as well educated as our staff. To toot our own horn a bit, we really stand our in our industry. Few stores are lucky enough to earn the respect and loyalty of their customers the way we have. Equestrian Retailer Magazine recently listed us as one of the top 500 equestrian retailers in the country.


We need a logo to better represent our saddle business. This is our strength. It also needs to visually say that this is a horse-oriented business without any words. I am really open to any designs that use images of horses, saddles, or other tack pieces. This logo will be used lots of ways. It will be on our store signs, embroidered on clothing, used in email and print advertising. It needs to be clean, sophisticated, upscale, and feminine.


We know our target audience very well. Our primary clientele are 95% women. She is between 30 and 60 years old. She is well educated and has a professional career. The majority has a family and the kids are active in the sport with their mother. She has horses as a hobby, and it is typically how she spends all of her personal and free time. Normally our customers are upper middle class. Usually the horses are at home, and they can financially support a hobby farm. Although quarter horses are very popular, I dont think we have any one breed of horse that stands out as a favorite of our customers.


I would like a 3 or 4 color image, but I would be using this in a monochromatic form too. We tend to lean toward dressage horse images because we teach and preach classical horsemanship principles. I would like the focus to be on our saddles, but I am open to a great horse logo. In the past we have always used hunter green, burgundy, and taupe as our primary colors. I will have a preference to these colors, but I am open to a new look. We did have a graphic artist design our website several years back. Take a look if you want to see the colors and the look we have outgrown, www.horseyhabit.com. I do not have a preference to any particular font, and that is such an important part of the logo, I will let you choose what works best with your design and ideas. I would like our name as part of the logo: Horsey Habit Saddlery and Tack, Inc.


I really seem to like logos for other shops that have horse heads as part of the design, but I am really open to your suggestions. I have two things that I would like creatives to be conscious of. One, we are NOT a western clothing store. The boots-hats-spurs motifs are light years away from representing our actual image. Most of our customers will be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, or on their way home from work in business casual dress. No hats, no boots, no ropes, no chew... Avoid the western "stereotypes" please, a western saddle or some piece of riding equipment would be the only real exception to that rule. Second, please be careful of horse images that are REALLY breed or discipline specific. It would be like trying to hit a market of women who ride Harleys and showing them a logo of a woman on a dirt bike. Avoid things like horses with loud markings, such as paint and appaloosa breeds. A plain old solid color horse is much more universal. We need to reach the broader segment or women who ride.



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