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We are a chain of pawn shops in the upper Midwest that do business under the trade names "Max It Pawn" and "Cash-N-Pawn".

We originally bought the Cash-N-Pawn chain and undertook a full transformation of the company, including the name and stores. We currently have 9 Max It stores and 6 Cash-N-Pawnstores. Max It tradename is used after we have "transformed" a store into our new model. These stores have a hip, urban, industrial feel to them with such features as: stained concrete floors, wide open retail spaces, industrial pallet racking for displays, stainless steel countertops, diamond plate on display case fronts, retractable power cords hanging from ceiling, well lit with energy-efficient lighting, super friendly and professional staff, uniforms are blue jeans with black "Max It Pawn" t-shirts with clever slogans on the backs (e.g., Got Gold? Let's Make a Deal! Big Loaner, etc.) It is a fun place to work and be a customer.

In our business, we provide customers with short-term cash loans that are secured by personal property. We help them when they need it most. We also sell a wide range of value-priced retail merchandise. New customers are surprised by how clean, friendly and professional the stores are. They also get very excited about all the awesome deals they get on "for sale" product, such as jewelry, consumer electronics, DVDs, video games & systems, power tools, bikes, musical instruments, and more.

We don't wear ties or suits. We are somewhat edgy and have a sense of humor. We like forward thinking design that is different from ther pack. We like to run a great business, but also don't take ourselves to seriosly.

our website is cashnpawn.com, but it REALLY needsd a makeover, so don't read too much into that!


We want:

1. Corporate stataionery

2. Corporate business cards

3. In-store materials:

a. Some sort of evolution or iteration of our logo to use for promotional purposes (primarily in-store signage, etc.).

b. Also, we are interested in possible in-store concepts (see mock up card provided) to use for selling to and communicating with customers.

c. We also want to more heavily promote layaway sales to in-store customers and are open to clever names for that and signage or ways of presenting that in our stores.

Right now our logos use Reservoir Grunge font, with black, red and white colore schemes. If possible, it would be good to stick with that. For Max It Pawn, the words are inside an ellipse shape for the logo. For Cash-N-Pawn, we use all caps and use a dollar sign "$" for the "s", also reverse the color. We are open to any and all creative iterations/evolutions of our logo/brand. We are excited to see how creative geniuses like YOU can help us bring another level of excellence and wow to our business and customers.

Attached is a card we mocked up. It shows our logo/font and is an example of something that might be used by a sales lending associate (SLA) in one of our stores.


We want to extend/grow our relationship with existing customers (borrowers, retail customers). We want to appeal to potential new customers (consumers) that need cash, value-oriented shoppers, or people seeking a fun experience. In general, our customers are 50/50 men/women and from 18-35 years old. They are employed and live or work within 5 miles (or less) of our stores. They are ethnically very diverse, with black, asian, and latinos making up a good portion of our clientele.

We want to appeal to: in-store visitors that might get a loan, buy something outright, sell us some gold, or put a product on layaway. We wan to get their attention and promote an ongoing customer relationship. Other uses might include other promotional opportunities such as bus stop signs, brochures, door hangers, post cards, news ads, etc.

For biz cards and letter head, it ranges from vendors, to city governments , to banks and investors.



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