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We are surrounded by technology that is meant to make us more productive, and yet, many of us are not. We use e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed etc. constantly, but these tools do not necessarily make us work more efficiently, do they? I'm sure you are vaguely familiar with this already ;-)

I am about to launch a consultancy that addresses this paradox. It will eventually provide bespoke personal productivity coaching. However, initially I will provide e-mail coaching. I have been scratching this itch on ad hoc basis for about two years and I think the time has come that I scratch this itch for other people, and get paid for it.

My site, http://www.theproductivityparadox, is in early alpha stage. The site will be used to address the productivity paradox, by blogging on the topic and providing a service, initially in the form of coaching. My intention with the site is to keep it very clean and uncluttered, no point in talking about productivity when your site looks like a dog's breakfast.

My intention is to ultimately provide bespoke coaching to top executives. They will be the audience for this piece. Therefore I don't want a pretty web 2.0 look that does not appeal to this market. Neither do I want something that looks like a pre-schooler designed it in Word. The logo and stationary has to look clean, efficient and like it means business. It has to look like a classy and expensive product.

I like strong red, black and whites. I like the look of The Economist's logo (http://www.economist.com) and the fact that the name is the logo. In line with this I also like the look of the logo on this page http://itredux.com. Again, the name is the logo.

So you can see I am open to using the name of the company as a logo if it is designed in a way that appeals to my potential market, who will also be readers of The Economist.

On the other hand, I would love to see a logo that plays on the paradox that the name of the company alludes to. A logo that illustrates the paradox somehow, in my mind when I think of the problem, I see this:

technology productivity

(an increase in technology does not translate to an increase in productivity).

The website will take design cues from the logo that you will design for me.



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