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New small start-up business on tight budget needs identity: two logos. We do customized professional dog training and canine behavior services in Chicago. We do all levels obedience as well as working with behavior issues, protection K-9s, therapy dogs, trick dogs, high-performance dogs, and most of all family pets-- we basically do everything dog-training related. Dog training is both a science and an art. We want dogs to be well-behaved and performing and also happy. We are very results-oriented. Our motto is Real training, real results. We would like that motto included into one of our logos for facility signage, but that would be asking for a 3rd logo.

We are Dynamic Dogs, Inc. with DBA Dynamic Dogs Training & Behavior, I think we prefer to use the latter, with Training & Behavior being smaller or separate, as in our current logo file attached.

The image and impression we would like to project is one of professionalism, ability, and expertise. We aim to be the experts in our field of dog training. We are serious about what we do. Our services are friendly and personalized to each client and dog.


Logo design for upcoming brand new website, exterior and interior signage, print materials, employee uniforms, and future vehicle wraps.

Professional stationary (biz cards, letterhead). Two versions of logo:

1. Regular logo, Dynamic Dogs Training & Behavior with the words Training & Behavior smaller or in different font (see logo I uploaded) for our website and marketing materials

2. Abbreviated logo (such as two-Ds?) saying "Dynamic Dogs, Inc" for employee shirts or stationary, letterhead


We would like a logo that is bold, memorable, creative, classy, and maybe contemporary, but not too ultra-modern. COLORS: Our company colors are mainly green, with accent colors of orange, grey, black, silver, or white if needed. We like light green and light orange, but if our logo is to be bold to attract clients eyes maybe a bolder color would be better? We like Celtic designs (Irish), maybe a Celtic braid around the logo, maybe hints of it, but were not dead set on it. Maybe some sort of illustration or special font... I like logos that look cohesive-- not just our name with a dog bone tacked above it.


Most of our clients are educated people who love their pets and will only leave them in good hands they trust. The first thing we do is establish our ability to actually train their dog. These are mostly upscale clients who are paying a lot for us to train their dog for them, often 1000+ dollars, and they expect results. Clients range from young modest-income people to older professionals. We would like to be upscale but not pretentious.


Things we LIKE:

-Memorable logo

-Classy upscale design

Possible Ideas:

-The two Ds in our name to be interconnected

-A dog leaping through the Ds

-Celtic design theme worked in some way

-We like large breeds like German Shepherds, if youre using a dog head or body, just an idea

Things we do NOT like:

-Anything too cartoon-ishy or cutesy

-Nothing difficult to read

-Paw Prints, they are over-done in pet logos!

-Too simple looking, ultra-modern graphic, or too sterile "corporate" looking

-Logos that look like an amateur made it at home (that's the problem with our current logo!)


Our company name, the color green

The "and" in our name must be a "&" (ampersand)

CURRENT LOGO: I have uploaded our current logo I do not like, as it's not memorable or professional at all and we think the dog looks a bit weird (as it has no eyes and looks just like the Greyhound bus logo), BUT it does give you a basic idea of how you could maybe put a dog running through or jumping through the "D", which looks cool. Might look better with another breed of dog. I do like how the letter D's are large, but they are a bit sharp looking.

I hope I wasn't too confusing and sorry if this was super long, I'm exited to see what all the creative people can come up with- thanks so much!



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