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Creative Brief

Who are you?

ESTUDIO CARAMBOLA is a combination of a design studio and a small production unit to be located in Rio de Janeiro.
Offering sustainable furniture and products from materials with environmentally conscious finishes, the focus is on generating high quality design with good craftsmanship made mainly of recycled and reclaimed materials.
The materials come from the streets and Bazaars of Rio.
The work is about urban gathering and reclaiming with a strong Brazilian Identity.
It is our belief that through the combination of design and craftsmanship, of an environmental agenda and visual context we can generate richer objects; objects which offer the clients, function with a touch of poetry inspired by daily Brazilian life.

The Studio works between the boundaries of art and design.

What do you need?

The logo that I am interested as a main reference is of Starbucks. I would like the "Estudio Carambola" logo to be same round shape sharing the similar kind of Fonts.
There should be the names "ESTUDIO CARAMBOLA" present in the logo.
There could be an amazon queen in the middle OR only the starfruit (carambola fruit) as a nice cross section. The Logo should be easy to see and easy to be reproduced in rubber stamp form, hot iron stamp and should look clean and professional on paper, business cards, stationary etc.
If there is a woman in the center:
Careful it cannot look like a hair salon or a strip club. Remember, this is a design studio making products and furniture with strong Brazilian Identity. The woman's face should be one of an amazon indigenous indian. The closest nice reference I have is of wonder woman's face (the daughter of an amazon queen?) The Carambola star should be present on her forehead and should be easy and obvious to notice and associate with the name.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience consists of Brazilians and also the international public (outside Brazil) seeking to acquire fine pieces of Brazilian design.


We Absolutely Must Have


Circular Shape format of logo.



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