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Erik Patrick Enterprises is a holdings company with several business units that roll up under one larger organization. Businesses currently include:

- snow removal and ice management services during the winter

- moving large motor and sail boats in the summer

- expediting services for city permits

Future businesses will be started in the transportation and construction industries, including a logistics / freight brokering business, and maybe a demolition company.

Through CrowdSpring, we hope to find a designer who is willing to work with us on future projects for some of the companies mentioned above.

Our corporate identity will be applied to the following items: business cards, letterhead/invoices/envelopes, the website, and vinyl decals on machinery/equipment (i.e. trucks).

The company name and logo should be bold and easy-to-read, while emphasizing the values of our brand: service-oriented, trustworthy and reliable.

Erik Patrick Enterprises is a trusted business partner to key decision makers in property management companies, yacht clubs and government organizations.

- the Philip Morris crest or something that looks like a family crest or shield

- anything related to James Bond, 007, or spy/intelligence gear

- a refined collegiate look, in contrast to a one-sized fits all "state school"

- urban castles, like Excalibur in Chicago

- griffins, sphinx, or dragons: check out the flag of Wales, or Home Star Runner's dragon named Trogdor. (This is not to be confused with children's illustrations of dragons, or weird internet game-playing dragons or Chinese dragons)

Please incorporate the color red into your design in some way, and stay away from the color cyan.



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