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Creative Brief

Who are you?

EPAY Systems is a company focused on the outsourced delivery of Time and Labor Management Solutions. We serve companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries and specialize in dealing with companies who have the difficult challenge of tracking employees in distributed labor environments.

Words that describe Who We Are(or Who We Want to Be)
-Cost Effective/High Value
-Subject Matter/Content Experts

Words that describe What We Do(and How We Do It)
-Best-in-class Time and Labor Management solution
-Outsourced Delivery Model
-Delivers significant return-on-investment
-Web-based/Cloud computing technology
-Enhances/ensures critical compliance requirements
-Integrates with all(most?)payroll systems/providers
-Freedom from paper, easy to use

What do you need?

We need a logo that articulates the brand attributes that are listed in the paragraph above and that will resonate with senior-level executives and business owners who buy our services. Additionally, we need a logo that will be flexible/versatile enough to used on everything from our website to business cards to stationary to trade show booths to all marketing collateral.

Who Is Your Audience?

The buyers of our services range from small business owners to senior management at large and mid-size organizations. These senior executives work mostly in the Finance and Human Resources departments of their organizations where the Payroll function resides.

Words that describe the impression we want to give or Who We Want to Be
-Cost Effective/High Value
-Subject Matter/Content Experts


We Like These Examples

- PayPal
- Intuit
- Microsoft
- Netscape
- Equifax
- CNN Money
- Concur Technology
- Catch phrase The time is right
- Apple

We Absolutely Must Have

The name of the company is changing to Epay Systems, Inc. Since customers often shorten our name simply to EPAY, we want to ensure that that word is distinctive as part of the logo(although were open to any and all ideas). We arent locked into specific colors as long as they denote a professional, established technology firm that sells predominantly to fairly conservative executives. Beyond that, there are no sacred cows that need to be protected as long as they project the image stated in the previous sentence. We are open to having the logo incorporate graphics in addition to our name but its also not a requirement.



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