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Let me tell you about us.


Economydrive is a U.K.based car sales company. It will specialize in selling economical, fuel efficient,low C02 emission vehicles.These cars could also be described as green/eco cars.

This company will be trading to the public.

Here are some words that describe Economydrive:


Here is what we need:

I require a logo designed for economydrive - with and without .net suffix.

Complete with tag line- Fuel efficient low emission Vehicle Sales

High quality (300 D.P.I?) definition logo to to be enlarged for signage

Stationary and business card templates

The logo will be central to the business and the brand. it will communicate to buyers that we are an environmentally aware company offering very economical, low CO2 emission vehicles.

Initially, logo will be used for stationary and on on-car graphics,bumper stickers,signage etc.Eventually, It would be incorporated into a website used for web based marketing and sales.

Our target audience is:

In the U.K. as in the rest of the western world, motorists are being hit by rising motoring costs.These include rising fuel costs,new eco taxes that punish gas guzzlers and steadily rising motor insurance premiums.

As a result lot of people are downsizing to smaller,more economical vehicles

These people are ecomomydrives target audience.

We like these designs:

www.ecover.com like the way the eco is highlighted and stands out.

www.topgear.com just Like the silvery slickness of this design

www.motors.co.uk just like the colouring and shine of this logo

Some words that describe the company: Frugal,green,thrifty,eco,futuristic,caring,new,shiny,electric,quality

Our design absolutely must have:

2 versions of the same logo:

1.economydrive the brand name

2.economydrive.net for marketing, vehicle graphics and consumables,where space would be at a premium.

These are to be exactly the same logos just with the .net suffix added

Design must be clean and uncluttered

communicate we are an environmentally aware company.

communicate lower motoring costs

Modern,organic,fluid design

Would like to see examples the eco of economydrive, highlighted,coloured or accentuated some way similar to this logo www.ecover.com. Doesnt have to be as heavy, could be a light shading or shadow.

Tag Line fuel efficient low emission vehicle sales maybe use arrows here to highlight the high and low benefits

Would like to see lively colours used particulary blue,green and silver

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Logos that are visually messy and cluttered

Dull colours

.And Finally

if you have an idea that is outside the guidelines of the brief but you feel is sooo right, then please submit.

After all,Youre the creatives!



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