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Duroc is a Belgian company active in corrosion protection of small metallic parts (bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rods, clips, springs, ...).

We are specialised in zinc electroplating (shiny) and zinc flake coatings (matt silvergray). Both are very thin coatings where the zinc flake coatings provide very high corrosion resistance.

In addition to the surface treatment we also take care of any assembly, packaging, labelling, storage and transport to the (end) customer, requested by the client.

Look at our website for more information : www.duroc.be

What we need :

- New logo

- Stationery

The logo will be used in print (business cards, technical documents, letters, envelopes, etc.) and on our website.

We are a pure business to business company mainly working for automotive, construction and energy industry.

Alltough our current logo looks outdated we still like it, so the new logo may be a modification of our current logo but it can of course also be something completely different.

The company name "Duroc" or "Duroc Corrosion Protection" must fit with the logo. If possible the logo should also be able to stand on its own.

Please look for something simple, that can be recognised when printed in black and white (fax).

Please don't send in busy designs ! Keep it simple.



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