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Creative Brief

Who are you?

INDISHA, pure cosmetics & co is a new natural cosmetics concept in the Netherlands. Its mission is to make natural, organic cosmetics first choice of the middle/high end Dutch consumer by offering a contemporary platform to authentic, honest and passionate real natural brands.

A) Why should you put on your skin what you cannot eat? A great part of regular cosmetic products contain toxic ingredients...
o Everything you put on your skin is going into your body, as food does. Toxic ingredients of cosmetics are however not detoxified by the liver as part of toxic ingredients of food are, but enter directly into the bloodstream.
o Consumers are still quit unaware that part of the ingredients of most regular cosmetics products are toxic. More and more research have shown this. And also proven that toxic cosmetic ingredients can cause cancer and disrupt the hormonal balance of the body. The cosmetics industry will not tell this to their consumers however, as long as they produce products with those ingredients, as they risk to loose part of the large turnovers/profits made now by selling regular cosmetics products. Large chains as LOreal and Bourjois enter silently the natural cosmetics market however. For instance Bourjois started the natural brand Une. LOreal bought the natural brand Sanoflore in 2008 to learn from it.

B) Not transparent market difficult to make the right choice
o On the market are also a lot of brands which claim to be natural, but are not, or just very little. Consumers cant trust communication of a lot of brands about being natural or not. Most people think for instance that Vichy, Rituals or Body Shop products are pure/natural/organic. Unfortunately most of their products do contain also toxic ingredients and large part or all of their products are not organic (not organic natural ingredients contain often residues of pesticides or other chemicals)
o In Europe alone there are at about 9 certification labels for natural/organic brands. Worldwide there exist even more. A bit too much to understand for the consumer which certification label can be trusted and which not.

C) Creating a platform for passionate, honest, authentic, real natural/organics brands
o Luckily, on the market are also passionate people who started natural/organics brands. Not directly out of commercial reasons, but just out of passion for natural cosmetics. Brands with products without toxic ingredients. Brands with a story.

D) Natural brands deserve a more attractive sales environment
o Until now most of the natural, organic cosmetics brands in the Netherlands are sold by organic food shops. Not the most inspiring and attractive environment for contemporary consumers to buy the products. They deserve a more luxury/suitable environment, like regular cosmetics stores as Sephora, Rituals or Douglas.

E) Instore communication fails to help the consumer make the right choice
o Communication in most of the physical cosmetic shops in the Netherlands is not targeted to help the consumer make the best choice (for the product that fits best for her/his specific skin type/needs).

F) Persuade others to buy natural/organic cosmetics by sharing my passion for those products
o I am a user of natural/organic cosmetics myself and would like to persuade more (middle/high end) consumers to buy & use real natural/organic cosmetics by launching an attractive contemporary concept.: INDISHA

A contemporary physical shop , a beauty salon (in the physical shop), a website/web shop, a weblog and other social media (facebook, twitter, youtube), experience/selling events throughout the Netherlands, other beauticians in the Netherlands using/selling INDISHAs main brands.
INDISHA offers existing authentic, passionate, honest, real natural/organic cosmetics brands (think of brands as Essential Care, Rich Hippie, In Fiore, Sophyto, dr Alkaitis) a contemporary platform to tell their story and reach (new) customers.
Besides cosmetics brands, INDISHA has some fair trade/eco fashion accessories in her assortment (jewellery, bags). Think of products of A Beautiful Story (www.abeautifulstory.nl). All of them with a story to tell.
The fact that a brand is in the INDISHA assortment means it really is pure/natural/organic. INDISHA did the preselecting and research work to be sure that a brand is really pure/natural/organic.
In all communication INDISHA tries to help the customer to make the best choice in a time span as short as possible.
I as owner of the concept will tell/INDISHA tells/the brands in my assortment will tell something about the dangers of certain regular cosmetic ingredients and where they can find out more information about it, INDISHA is a positive concept however. Rather offering an attractive concept/environment that stimulates to buy the products then just attack the large cosmetic companies who put toxic ingredients in their products.
INDISHA is the first of her sort in the Netherlands. Until now natural cosmetics are sold by organic food stores, reform shops, specialized web shops without a physical shop and beauticians. Most of the brands INDISHA offers are not yet being sold in the Netherlands or only by specialized web shops.

I have two daughters, one is named Indiara, the other Asha. INDISHA is a combination of the two names
I hope INDISHA will help to give my daughters and other kids a healthy cosmetic choice. I and many others (adults) have used products for themselves and a lot of adults also for their kids with toxic ingredients, because we did not know about the toxity. With INDISHA I hope not only adults will reconsider the cosmetics brands they use, it is also my contribution to help current and next generation kids to avoid the use of cosmetics with toxic ingredients. And in this way lower the cancer rate and other health problems caused by those ingredients.

What do you need?

A design for INDISHAs logo + stationary:
- Logo, both
o INDISHA, pure cosmetics & co
(pure cosmetics & co is a subtitle)
A colored version and a black/white version
- business card
- e-mail template
- letter (first page and design for pages after)
- envelope
- invoice template
- favicon

How will it be used:
- Shop window, shop faade
- Instore communication, wrapping/packing products bought
- Website/webshop
- Favicon in url, for iPhone apps
- Background Twitter page
- Advertisements (colour and black/white)

Who Is Your Audience?

- Suspects, prospects, consumers in the Netherlands.
o First: Women, higher educated, middle/high income, 25-55. Part of them are Dutch tv-personalitys and other social influencers.
o Second: Men, higher educated, middle/high income, 30-50
- Press: journalists, thought leaders

INDISHA is an inspiring, truth worthy, attractive and contemporary seller of beautiful, authentic and honest pure/natural/organic cosmetics brands (and eco/fair-trade fashion accessories.)
INDISHA arouses my curiosity to find out more about her story + the storys of the brands INDISHA sells
INDISHA really helps me to make the right choice (non toxic products, product that fits best to specific needs)


We Like These Examples

See attached file 'Tabel brands like and not like CrowdSpring briefing' AND read following:

- Colors must be suitable for all communication aspects of concept, including shop design/interior/exterior, instore communication, website/webshop.
- Logo must be suitable to be printed on different types of material: paper, glass, wood, textile, plastic, steel
- Logo/corporate identity must also be suitable to use for:
Shop window, shop faade
Instore communication, wrapping/packing products bought
Icon in url, for iPhone apps
Background Twitter page
Advertisements (colour and black/white)
- A lot of natural concepts use green as important corporate identity colour. Id like to have my own contemporary (but timeless) look & feel. First thought is not to use green therefore.
- I like minimalist timeless design. Mix of contemporary but timeless- minimalist/vintage is something what I have in mind. Can be an interesting combination I think.
- In the shop (interior)design we'll make use of the four elements water, fire, air and earth in a subtle way. See attachement 'pictures four elements' to get an idear off what I like.

We Absolutely Must Have

INDISHA, pure cosmetics & co
Warmth, positive, inviting to buy



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