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We are an organisation called Holition, who specialise in delivering advanced augmented reality applications to the luxury industry.

Holition uses a web-cam on lap-tops and home PCs to project a virtual image created from a CAD file of a product (for example a watch) onto the viewers wrist and for the wearer to move their arm and hand around in real-time and see the watch move in unison as if the viewer was actually wearing the watch.

For a film of this in action visit the web-site www.holition.com. This is currently being completely redesigned, but I have made it live again so you can see what we do.

We currently have several well known major global luxury brands integrating our augmented reality technology into their existing web-sites, and we now wish to take our IP which has been produced in-house as we started up this venture and turn it into some thing more professional.

Our core deliverable is this Holition augmented reality technology. However there are other organizations who can provide a similar technical service (albeit at a lower quality), so our USP is that we know and understand the luxury market better than anyone else our recommendations provide a seamless integration of this technology into our clients business model, and we support them after integration with a full marketing service consultancy to maximize the viral, PR, promotional opportunities inherent within the technology.


For Holition, we need:

1. A corporate logo, including a device and the word Holition.

2. A business card template

3. A letter-head template (Microsoft Word)

4. An invoice template (Microsoft Word)

5. An app button (as seen on iPhones) created from the device in point 1 above. This must be contained within a square (the App button) and with versions both in colour and black and white (no greyscale).


Purely B2B.

Our target base is the marketing teams and business owners of luxury brands across the world, meaning those people to whom we present the concept and who will ultimately sign a contract for our product.

As luxury marketers they will wish to see that our claims of being leaders in luxury augmented reality are backed up by the way we look and feel, hence please take a look at the web-sites of (say) Cartier, Tissot, Gucci etc. to get an understanding for tone.


We wish to be seen as having a deep understanding of the luxury market, but with a technical twist, so our IP must fit in with current luxury based IP/web-sites/advertising, but need not be slavishly reliant on luxury look and feel.


Whilst our product is cutting edge tech, our clients are not necessarily so (yet) and as such our look and tone must be subtle, sophisticated and stylish, not dissimilar to the luxury brands we hope to have as clients. Please remember we are luxury first and tech second for the purposes of this IP project.

Our product features a couple of interesting features, which Id love to pull out in the design of the device if possible:

1. We will at some point use the device as an App by itself as such we must have an H for Holition used as a mandatory inclusion.

2. We produce a form of visual magic (seeing yourself wearing a watch even though youre not actually wearing it). Interesting visual ideas (such as the artist M.C. Escher) where angles are distorted to provide a visual effect that doesnt make natural sense, or a 3-d square where youre not sure if its the outside of a cube or the inside of a room might communicate this well.

3. Alternatively ideas which feature a clear 3 dimensional look, or exaggerated perspective (to imply 3D) will be welcomed too.

4. It would be great if we can communicate luxury here too. Probably the easiest way is to have a classic font for Holition, however if you can include a notion of luxury into the device too, then all the better.

5. For technical reasons the device must fit into a perfect square and have a recognisable up or north ie an H could be turned upside down and still look like an H, but our logo can only ever be used one way so something needs to be added to an H to mean it is clear which way is up.



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