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We help rational and methodical businesses connect with their emotional and often impulsive customers by designing a meaningful value proposition and engagement experience for that business.
Our target market are the CMOs, CEOs and Chief customer officers of large and mid sized businesses.
We work for both business to consumer and business to business brands.


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People & the Machine

(nb I am unsure whether 1. to use capitals for the words 'People and/or machine' 2. whether to use 'and' or an '&'...please advise. NB the website and email addresses use 'and' not '&'

Top 3 Things

We are an intelligent organisation
We are creative thinkers
We understand the world through both the customer's lens and the corporation.


It elegantly bringing to life the our ability to align the emotional behaviour of people with the rational expectations and operations of companies that serve them.



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Logo - People & the Machine
Name - Nick Andrews
Title - CEO & Founder
Mobile: 0420 319 344
email: nicka@peopleandthemachine.com


Modern, confident and stylishly designed.
Perhaps it could have and illustration eg a robot which is friends with a person...or a robot that has human qualities -like the Android logo (is that too literal or childish?)
Perhaps it could just be using different text styles to point to the tension between people and machines.
We are in the 'machine age'...the risk is that humanity gets marginalised by automated processes as they take over. I want people to belive there can mutually beneficial relationship between machines (companies) and humans.
Risk is that clients won't like it if they (representing the machines) feel like the bad guy in the relationship. so they need to feel neither good nor bad, just different
It shouldn't look futuristic, super polished or hi-tech.
more positive & cool - The company should feel premium, confident and lively

Additional Info

I like the Diesel 'be stupid'...its very human and up beat with a strong point of view...my brand shoud be that. http://popsop.com/2010/01/‘be-stupid’-di...
I like the Android logo



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