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Clearview is in several different service businesses. Our main focus has been to get into service business's that arent very transparent in the customer's eyes in relation to, but not limited to: Pricing, market information/intel, transparency in procedures and operations etc. Our whole goal is to be a trusted transparent (hence the name clearview) service provider who takes the "cloudiness" out of the consumers mind. "Clearview" needs to be the focus logo. How are company is structured is that Clearview Group LLC is the mangement company and all of our abusidary company's go by Clearview Energy. Clearview HVAC, Clearview Paving, etc. That being said, keeping Clearview as the focal, we cna just add the Energy, HVAC etc to the bottom of the logo. The idea is we will market Clearview as the focus of the brand so when marketing, we are marketing the brand and customers who do business with our differnet entities will just recognize Clearview to be whatever the business unit they do business with. I have attached to examples with FedEx and Virgin. The idea is For the Clearview piece to be like the "FedEX" logo and we just have our different services listed like they and virgin do. The Brand is Clearview. Also, all of our service vehicles are black so color and design would need to stand out on black instead of your standard service vehicle white


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Clearview (with "Group," "Energy," etc as described in the "Target Audience" portion of the crowdsping form

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Transparency, Honesty, Trusted Advisor



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