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Changing name from TS CREW to just CREW (all caps). Can learn more about us at www.tscrew.com (website to be updated after new logo is designed). We are service provider for the trade show and corporate event industry. We design and build exhibit solutions --- and a variety of support services for exhibits (like labor, storage, and logistics support) --- for Ad Agencies and other exhibit build shops. They use us because a) of our talent and expertise b) because we have "forward deployed" service facilities in las vegas and orlando --- the two busiest event cities in N. America, which are staffed with project managers, designers, installers, carpenters and service-centric personnel. We make other exhibit companies look good to their customers! We don't promote "ourselves" to their customers (we've been called "Invisible Inc. by our clients). We are amazing at the planning, logistics and fulfillment work.


Logo Usage
  • Print

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  • Clothing

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  • Image + Text

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  • Sans-serif

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Logo Text

Co. Name: CREW (all caps, we're thinking a space between each letter?) Slogan: centered around you (all lower case. Period at end or not??)

Top 3 Things

Professionalism, Trustworthy, Service-centric


We have used "Text Only" in the past, with a tagline. A newer, better version of this could work. But we feel incorporating some kind of icon or "bug" might be the next evolution for us. We need a designer to help us find the next right identity for us.



Number of Sides



Square (2.25" x 2.25")

Corner Style

No Preference


Logo, tagline, name, title, office and mobile phone, email and address (no fax needed)


I'm looking for clean, professional --- maybe a little fun? but not "cheesy". Something that stands out in the 'sea of sameness' in the business card pile on a customers desk.

Additional Info

Some attempts by us below that have FAILED to excite us. While these samples show a sarif font (which we've always used), we're thinking we need to move away from this. Old font resembled the "J. CREW" brand --- which has some positive attributes. But now we need to do something different, we think.



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