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We are the Polar Gem Group and consist of three separate companies, each operating within the diamond industry.

The three companies are:

1. Polar Gem Corp. (NWT) - a factory based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, that cuts and polishes rough diamonds into the sparkling gems you find set in jewellery.

2. Polar Bear b.v.b.a. - a B2B diamond trading operation based in Antwerp, Belgium that buys and sells rough (uncut) and polished (cut) diamonds within the diamond industry.

3. Esskay Gems Inc. - a B2B diamond trading operation based in New York, USA that sells polished diamonds to retailers and jewellery manufacturers around the world and also mounts the diamonds it polishes and sells finished diamond jewellery.

The common theme running throughout group activities is that they buy a significant volume of Canadian rough diamonds, cutting and polishing a large percentage of them in Canada at the Polar Gem Corp. factory, and selling the resulting polished diamonds as Government Certified Canadian Diamonds.

However, buying and selling of non-Canadian diamonds is also an important part of the business.

Esskay Gems Inc. sells round and fancy shape diamonds.

The diamond industry is governed by a very strict ethical code. Running through all of the companies, there should be an image of trust, a degree of conservatism (although the group is actually dynamic in its desire to grow), history (e.g. Esskay Gems has been around 75 years), stability yet world leading quality, class and service.

There are other elements of the business that may serve as a background; the group has a diamond polishing factory in southern China and also a polishing partnership in South Africa. This may be used to portray a global image of the company.


Firstly, we will need an identity for the group that joins together these three companies, Polar Gem Group. This logo will be added to the IP of each of the three companies (so that an Esskay Gems Inc. business card will also feature communication that states it is part of the Polar Gem Group. Polar Gem Group will require a presentation template.

Then, for each of the three companies Polar Gem Corp. (NWT), Polar Bear b.v.b.a. and Esskay Gems Inc.) we will need:

1. A corporate logo

2. A business card template

3. A letter-head template (Microsoft Word)

4. An invoice template (Microsoft Word)

5. A presentation template (Microsoft Powerpoint)


Polar Gem Group: will be seen as the parent/owner of the other companies. Image will be particularly important as it will be seen by world-class industry leaders and must look in-place amongst them.

Polar Gem Corp. (NWT): Target audience will be a mixture of other businesses with a degree of Canadian heritage, e.g. companies with mines in Canada. Will also be used when interfacing the local Canadian government.

Polar Bear b.v.b.a.: Target audience will primarily be mining houses and other rough and polished traders in Belgium. Solely B2B.

Esskay Gems Inc.: Again, primarily B2B target audience. Would be seen by world class retailers, jewellery brands and jewellery manufacturers and also competitors, e.g. other polished wholesalers and jewellery manufacturers.


The tone of the Group is classic, not modern. It should inspire confidence, trust, heritage and a traditional of the best of service.

We are not tied into any current look and feel - each part of the Group already has IP but we are very much looking for a change.


As mentioned previously, erring towards a conservative image is more likely to be the preference, however, it may be possible to give conservatism a modern touch.

Whilst it is not critical that each companies IP mirror each other, it would be seen as an advantage if the three companies and the group look as if they are related.

The image absolutely must inspire class and trust.

Canadian iconography (maple leaves, etc) will be considered (though are not critical), but these probably apply to the Group logo and Polar Gem Corp only.

Designs will be considered that are font based and/or incorporate diamond symbology, but fitting a diamond into the logo is again not critical.

The conservative tone of the companies might indicate a classic serif font however sans-serif ideas will definitely be considered assuming they are aligned with the points made above.



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