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Ehrentreich LDI Consulting & Research is a startup consultancy in the pension field. LDI stands for Liability Driven Investing and is a conservative, low-risk investment approach for defined benefit pension plans. LDI has recently attracted much attention, though, and there is a tremendous consulting need for it.

LDI strategies are considered expensive in the long run and therefore never gained much traction in the U.S. Through my research, however, I found that because of specific US pension regulations, LDI strategies are most likely cheaper than higher returning equity strategies (For details, check my preliminary website www.ldi-research.com, another design project down the road). The argument is counterintuitive, and currently unknown to most pension professionals and consultants. I thus promote an old and conservative investment approach to save our pension plans with an extremely innovative argument.


I want to create a corporate identity. The logo and stationary designs will serve as the basis for future design projects (e.g., ppt-presentations, white papers & website). The logo is supposed to convey Innovation, Trust and Security, Professionalism, Reputation, and Prestige.

Ehrentreich LDI Consulting & Research is an awfully long company name with an unpronounceable name in it, at least in the US. Yet Ehrentreich is good for print and academic publishing as it is unique and recognizable. Therefore, I decided to have it in my company name. It is my goal that my target audience will eventually start associating Ehrentreich with LDI and vice versa.

First, I wasnt fond of an acronym like design where E, LDI, C&R stand out, yet it could be a workaround for the unpronounceable name. I dont want to push everyone to much down this road as I am open for other suggestions. If I have a favorite color, it would be on the blue/bluish/lavender side, but basically I have no restrictions on colors and color combinations. However, the design should be printable in B&W and later be useable for other purposes (website, ppt-presentations, and white papers).

Id like to have a common design element that I can use in my letter head, white papers, and ppt-presentations later like a line (of dots), arch to separate different paper sections (left, lower margins, top section where the letter head is). Just a line or even a solid shape, dont know yet.

I am thinking of a tag line (Dedicated to Liability Driven Investing), but I am not sure as I already have a lot of text. That will be decided as we go along with the design process. Tell me your opinion, youre the experts on what looks right or doesnt.

Information on my business card:

Ehrentreich LDI Consulting & Research

(Dedicated to Liability Driven Investing) - maybe

I uploaded my old business card. Use the contact information on that card, yet use Dr. Norman Ehrentreich instead of Norman Ehrentreich, Ph.D. and change the email address to Ehrentreich@LDI-Research.com. The card has a back side. I am not sure whether to keep that information, but the Funding Cost Paradox is my main argument where I differ from all other consultants. Do you have any suggestions what to do with it?


Companies of all sizes that sponsor a DB pension plan, including multi-national firms (up to CIO level, risk managers)

Investment companies

Other consultants

Public plan sponsors, i.e., local and state governments, legislators

Federal and state legislators as I intend to lobby for pension reform on all levels

News media


LDI is a commonly used investment term and Id like to use the LDI letter group as a standalone logo/design element. I hope that we can tie that into the company name.



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