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Fortempo is a consulting company specialized in IT project management and business management software implementation.

We provide a range of services including:

- Project management for IT projects, business management software projects (enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence)

- Project preparation

- Business process analysis and documentation

- Quality assurance for IT projects

IT projects are risky, costly, long-lasting and often fail. We ensure that any project our customers take are well-prepared, well-executed and that they deliver the promised value on time and on budget.


We need a logo and some general ideas about business cards, letterheads and possibly (not necessarily) envelopes.

The name of the company is Fortempo. It comes from "forte" and "tempo". Both are related to musical terms (forte for strong, tempo for time, rhythm), but the company has nothing to do with music. Company is a business management consulting company and the message of the company name is that it makes your business rhythm a strong one.


My customers are Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers or other top executives.

I want them to trust my company and feel confidence to hire my services. If they hire me, I usually spend between 3 and 12 months working almost exclusively for them, and I help them sort out their business management software project and make sure it is delivered on time, in budget and that they get from it exactly what they need and expect.

I am targeting midmarket companies with about 500 to 5000 employees, who are investing into ERP or similar business management software (investments into those projects are usually on the scale 1-2 Mil. US$).


http://www.logofromdreams.com/2009/01/ja... - I like the symbol - very communicative

http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/78819 - just love the wealth of communication in the symbol

http://www.logomoose.com/logo-design/eco... - I adore logos made exclusively of letters with nice and smart touches, such as with "f" and "d" in this design

http://creattica.com/logos/openbox/22051 - a very functional logo - simple, communicative, creative, I love the font and the symbol which communicates the message of the logo perfectly

http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/74237 - again a logo with a perfect subtle touch of the letter "g" - a simple emphasis of a detail which is totally in line with the name on the logo

http://logooftheday.com/2009-09-11-pause... - just perfect - I love the simplicity, the font, this logo simply contains everything that I need in the logo: it's simple, it has the smartest touch to a letter I've ever seen in a logo (the letter "o" which is also the symbol for a pause), and it totally communicates the message of the logo

http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/77531 - I love the symbol, it communicates the full name of the logo. I hate the font - it's so dry, boring and uncreative.

http://creattica.com/logos/clik-wing/241... - this one is nice, it uses negative space in the symbol, and again, the symbol fully communicates the name. Font is also a perfect match for this logo.

http://www.logomoose.com/logo-design/emo... - fantastic. It contains everything that I need in a good logo - a nice font, an applicable symbol which fommunicates perfectly the message of the name.


Logo must be simple. Conservative and formal is preferred to informal. Please, no wacky logos.

Colors must be few, I prefer darker blue, pastel shades, not too vivid or vibrant.

The logo must contain only one word "Fortempo" (without quotes, of course). I prefer that logo shows "fortempo" in all lowercase, but if you believe you can make an effective all uppercase, or small-caps or something else, feel free to experiment.

Logo must contain the symbol which should communicate the meaning of the words forte and tempo, or just one of them (preferably tempo). If the symbol cannot do this, it should be neutral, such as http://logofaves.com/2009/08/union/

The design must be background-neutral. The background color must not be an integral part of the design. The logo must work equally well on white (primary), black (secondary) or any dark-color background. Any colors in the logo must work equally well and must not blend with either white or black background.

Logo should not contain gradients. If there are gradients, the logo must function if they are replaced by solid color. For example, engraved company name-plate will be monocolor, and if gradients carry significant part of the message of the logo, the engraved logo will just look empty.

I prefer a heavier font to a light one, but not too heavy. If I "designed" the logo myself, the font would be Breuer Text Bold Italic variant, as in http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/typetrust/b... (hint: just type "fortempo" as the sample text and you can immediately see what it is). Please, don't consider this as a must, you can choose another font, this is just an indicator of what I like and what I mean when I say heavy, but not too heavy. I don't like condensed fonts.

I prefer sans-serif to serif. I don't want to see script, handwriting, funny or similar fonts. I don't want any of Windows standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, etc.



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