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Basically, we have three related companies that need three related logos/identities.

Ammonite Behavioral Health, Inc.-A psychiatric specialty clinic and day treatment program. We offer outpatient care, partial hospitalization and day treatment for individuals with a variety of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, etc.). We have programs tailored specifically for adults, adolescents, and the elderly.

A Single Step, LLCOur newly formed substance abuse and rehabilitation program. Here we specialize in treating professional patients struggling with addiction and dual diagnoses, meaning that they have a psychiatric illness (like Bipolar Disorder) in addition to an ongoing, active substance abuse problem.

Acumentality, LLC-the research portion of the practice where we conduct trials of new medications and evaluate new treatments for disorders ranging from tobacco dependence, to depression, to schizophrenia, to autism, to migraines, to Alzheimers Dementia.

All three companies share the same physical space, most of the staff overlaps and all of our clinicians see both research and private pay patients, but, for the most part the patient populations themselves are separate and the companies all need separate identities.


For Ammonite Behavioral Health, Inc. as you may have guessed we want to use the image of an ammonite (an extinct nautilus like creature) in the concept. Please see the attached images for ideas.

For a Single Step, LLC, we want to use the image of a spiral staircase viewed from above or belowand, we want it to resemble the nautilus shell used above (see the attached image files here too). On the cards and letterhead, we want the quote A journey of 1000 miles begins witha single step to be written out in full, ideally spiraling along with the stairs so that a single step ends up being the most easily legible portion of the text.

For Acumentality, LLC we basically need an old logo reworked but the general idea needs to remain the same. See the attached file for a copy of the current logo. Basically, here we need a more abstract version of the same general nautilus spiral only this time modified to resemble a sort of artsy human brain. I definitely want to change the font and the color scheme and this time want the nautilus/brain swirl to be placed in the silhouette of a human head to give it a bit more context.

While very different, all three logos definitely need to complement one anotherthat is, we want the logos to reflect the fact that the companies they represent are distinct but still related parts of the same whole. We would like to use the same basic color palette for eachwhite, pale minty greens, icey, frosty blues, silvers, pewters, platinums, greys, slates, etc. We also want a distinct font carried through all 3 concepts. Overall, think elite spa not medical clinic.

We definitely want the cards to have a major WOW factorunique shape, unusual material, die cut, fold open, clear/frosted plastic, maybe using some nice metallic inks, or embossing...the more unique and creative the better.

So far as envelopes and letterhead go, ideally I would like to find a way to use the same design for all three companies so that we dont have to order three different versions of the stationery


In general, the patients of both Ammonite and A Single Step tend to be upper class, well educated, young professionals; whereas, the Acumentality, Inc. patients tend to be lower-middle class individuals, who are often unemployed. Ammonite and Single Step are fee for service, concierge practices where a small number of patients are treated like VIPs. On the flip side, all of the participants in of our ongoing clinical trials receive free medication and free treatment. So, consequently, the clinical trials tend to appeal in particular to poor patients who might otherwise be unable to afford cutting edge treatment. For right now, most of our new patients in both groups are referred from other care providers in our community although we do plan to implement a direct to patient marketing campaign in the coming months.



The one thing we are sure of is that we want three distinct versions of the same basic idea so I guess I would ask each designer to maybe start with a general concept for Ammonite Behavioral and then after some feedback develop the related concepts for A Single Step and Acumentaltiy since I sort of envision those two as alternative takes on the first. Unfortunately, we are under a bit of a time crunch so this will be a short project and we will need a quick wrap up as well. I will try my best to be prompt in providing feedback for every entry. Please dont hesitate to contact me with any questions.



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