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GreenBeing Solar logo

Company overview

GreenBeing Solar is an alternative/clean energy systems design and installation business that focuses on the residential and commercial marketplace. The systems we design and install include Solar photovoltaic (electric generating) and solar thermal (hot water heating) systems, and geothermal systems. In addition we provide guidance and understanding to driving our customers to embrace energy efficiency and reducing energy demands.

We consider ourselves Alternative energy professionals


We are a B2C business. We sell to Residential and commercial users including government

Logo Requirements

GreenBeing Solar. Text and supporting graphics can be combined or


Vector graphics of the logo so we can scale it. AI would be best. We will use it on

business cards, letterheads, marketing material, and posters for trade shows (up to

1m x 50cm)

Concept described in the logo, in order of importance:

Alternative energy business


A little creative bend to a serious business (hence the Green Being name. Maybe create a little character, could use stick figures. The character is not a must have but just an idea)

Eco friendly/conscious

Green business

Clean energy business

Friendly, customer conscious

Want to make the world a better place/ One step closer to saving the planet




These are not meant to be prescriptive, just some thematic ideas. Propose your own!

Colors can be up to you, I would expect to see solar related colors reds, orange,

yellows etc. Greens also work well to convey the image of sustainability and a cleantech

product. We are in the solar industry, so you can imagine sun related themes are very

common. please think outside of the (yellow) circle..

Theme 1: Professional trusted partner

As the world begins to embrace the opportunity to adapt alternative energys to fuel our energy needs, we are the trusted partner that they can count on to deliver professional services at the installation and ongoing over the life of their system (30+ years)

Theme 2: Green Being

The name implies that we are all needing to adopt practices in life that are more green in nature and by adopting and making the changes and sacrifices necessary we can collectively change our planets direction to a more positive and sustainable living environment. We thus become green beings (greenBeing). Is there a cute character that can be part of the logo to draw attention to the business, whimsical?, maybe serious, a play on a stick figure or a cartoon character?



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