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Hello all,

I am a health management professional and would like to have my personal card designed.

I need it to be primarily white, with gray and light blue elements. I have attached a picture that shows exactly what it needs to be like, with only a couple of its elements needing to be reworked, so it should be super easy.

I will be handing out these cards to other professionals in the same field and (prospective) partners. Given my young age, I want to promote freshness and cutting edge, so it needs to be unique and pleasantly surprising, without losing its serious and medical touch.

I like clean and minimal designs with only the basics used.

As seen in the picture,

- Size: I haven't measured sides in the example picture, but I want the standard business card size with half its height, so that it's a lot thinner. For example, if the standard size is 4X8 (with 4 being its height), I want it 2X8.

- Layout: There should be a cross on the left, the name and title in the center and my contact details on the bottom right.

- Font: The font I'm using is NP Naipol, which I was introduced to by a crowdspring creative during my previous project (thanks Konrad). Use the same or a very similar one that also promotes technology and minimalism. I would like all letters in "medium" gray color, except for "health management" which should be in light blue and also in caps. Also don't forget to have "MBA" in a smaller font size than my name and also at a distance. My contact details should be small in size and if possible, use the respective icons in this link (phone and e-mail address), in a similarly small size: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/...

- Cross: The cross is the main element of the card. It will be the only glossy part of the card, while the rest will be all matte. I want it white on white with a shiny / glossy finish so that it looks a bit like glass and a 3D appearance. It should have a slightly angled perspective (just a few degrees) to give it a 3D look. I'd like it to have a similar surface feel / finish as the item in this picture, only in white color and with no shadow around it / on the ground: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/...

If you think something should be different, I'm also open to fresh ideas. Thanks in advance.



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