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We live in a world where the social Internet brings unheralded opportunities to grow and develop as a lifelong learner and as a productive employee or entrepreneur. Social media tools are simple, meaningful and necessary in the work we do with others.

My consultancys purpose is to introduce social media tools, showcase their benefits and support their use by practitioners and organizations who recognize the value of social media for bringing positive change to people, organizations, networks and community. My services center on supporting and using appropriate social media tools with organizations and individuals so that communities are strengthened, learning is enhanced, networks are stronger and workers are engaging their clients with the most effective tools possible.

I am striving to improve how practitioners, particularly youth workers, teachers, mental health workers, outreach workers etc., collaborate with each other as they strive to achieve mutually held goals of positive development of their clients. My role is to encourage and support the use of social media tools to enrich the networking and collaboration activities amongst practitioners and organizations. I believe that the clients served by these practitioners can also benefit from using social media tools to further their sense of belonging and place in the community.

Within the social benefit or non-profit sector there are common linkages that connects organizations. Non profit groups are by definition sharing a common goal of community betterment. Unfortunately this sector is so under resourced and disconnected from each other, collective or collaborative initiatives are difficult to establish or sustain over time. Scrambling on short term, year to year funding, these organizations are often as bereft of assets as the clients they serve. Web 2.0 technologies, the social Internet and social media tools are bringing new hope to organizations that seek more effective ways to generate funds, collaborate, involve stakeholders and connect with constituents.

My focus is to encourage workers to consciously participate in the dynamic flow of knowledge that connects workers with each other. I believe that when workers from diverse sectors share their knowledge, meaningful and relevant changes happen to them and to their work. Social media tools are ideally suited to tap into and access that flow of knowledge so that new ideas, skills and strategies emerge. It is my view that social media tools can strengthen the workers skills repertoire and add capacity to their organizations relationship with its constituents and community.


I need a logo that I can use on my business card and if possible the graphic can be used on my stationary. I am looking for a design that is: edgy-unusual even; reflecting the connecting and networking benefits of using social media tools; a simple graphic that ties my brand name together "social media tools for work & learning". If you can tie in my tag line "simple - meaningful - necessary" that would be good as well. I realize it's complex but if you can capture some dynamic feeling of movement towards positive growth, building on strengths or knowledge making amongst people and or organizations that would excellent. Here is my web site for further context thinking. http://brent.wordpress.com


Non profit organizations (social benefit groups) bringing community betterment to society. The workers in this sector are youth workers, mental health workers, housing workers, recreation workers, counselors etc.. These organizations are needing to involve their constituents in the workings of their respective organizations via social media. A secondary audience is the educational sector (teachers and students). A third audience is the small business sector who are looking at low cost ways to reach their customers and build their brand through improved relationships via social media tools on their web site. A fourth audience is individuals, professionals or life long learners who wish to increase their digital literacy skills via social media tools for personal learning, career development. These individuals may want to learn how to blog, set up a wiki, take part in online courses, create a personal learning environment, create an online career portfolio etc..


Like music, there is just too many favourites


I don't like red too much. I don't need to see those klutzy icons for IT or computers, mobile devices etc..



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