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Consulting & Professional Services

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We help shippers manage their supply chain.


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  • Envelope

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  • Sans-serif


Freight Fox Inc 180 Brodie Dr, Unit 5 Richmond Hill ON L4B 3K8 as the return address.

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A well thought out concept that is properly executed.


We are looking to create a presentation folder that has a space available for one standard size horizontal business card, 8.5x11 standard brochure, a cover letter in a standard No 10 envelope, and a 5x7 postcard. The presentation folder must be able to be completely enclosed in a unique and creative way so that it can be thrown in the mail and sent to clients. We can use a clear circular sticker to hold the final flap secured and in place. The backside of the folder should the return address on the top left, an area to place a mail to address label, and an area to stamp the postage on the top right. If you have any questions or require further clarification, just ask or view the examples.

Additional Info

This project is not for everyone. If you are going to participate, please consider how the presentation folder is going to function, open/close, what the unique die cut will be, utilization of any flaps, so that you can make sure to have a purpose for your design/concept.



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